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Mistakes Yoga Teachers Make When Choosing a Kids Yoga Teacher Training

By Tvisha Patel, Pretzel Kids contributing writer

We all want to have a job that we’re passionate about, right? 

One such job that we think tops the list is being a kids yoga teacher. If you’re like many others reading this blog post, you probably want to help the children in your community. But something else you need to know: When you teach yoga for kids, YOU learn even more than they do!

So, why not take a leap of faith and become a yoga teacher for children?

But first, let’s back up a bit….Let’s say you have decided you want to become a kids yoga teacher. Where do you start? First, you’ll need to enroll in a children’s yoga teacher training course. Luckily, there are many kids yoga teacher training courses out there.

Yet, when evaluating children’s yoga teacher training courses, it’s easy to overlook important information that might help you succeed as a children’s yoga instructor. Read on to learn more about how to choose the right training course for you – and how to avoid the top mistakes! 

kids yoga teacher training

How do I Become a Yoga Teacher for Children?

Teaching kids yoga offers so many benefits! Kids carry positive energy with them and when your job is to be around them, that energy rubs off on you. Becoming a yoga teacher for kids is also a job filled with meaning and passion. You will also be making a positive impact in kids’ lives and that feeling will bring you more happiness as well! 

A good start to becoming a kids yoga teacher is to search for a training course. This will require attention and research. A lot of yoga studios, for example, require completion of the standard 200-hour yoga teacher training program, but this is changing. There are several ways to become a kids yoga teacher without having to take a 200-hour training program. For example, Pretzel Kids offers a 12-hour online course which enables you to start your own kids yoga business!

Another aspect to consider is whether you want to take a virtual course or an in-person training. Many programs are offered online and this makes it convenient for you to learn! In fact, you may have a little extra time and prefer to be at home. There has never been a better time to learn a new skill than now! 

Here are a few tips that may help you while you’re in the process of getting certified.

First, attempt to get all the basics down. If this is your first time taking a yoga teacher training course, make sure you understand the basics of breathing exercises and poses. The more you know, the smoother the process will be!

Another tip is to learn how to work with kids and plan on how you will build a connection with them. There are certain things that have to come from the heart. This new career can be exciting but you also should be yourself! 

What to Look for in a Kids Yoga Teacher Training Course

As mentioned above, there are several questions to ask before choosing a kids yoga teacher training course. For example, you will likely want to know about the fees, the time required, where the course takes place and how well it fits into your everyday routine.

To start, consider your preference: either online or in person. If you are good with setting your own boundaries and holding yourself accountable, an online training course can have many benefits. If you’re working a full time job, have another business, have children to take care of, or are a busy college student, this option may suit your schedule and life. Many online programs, such as the Pretzel Kids training program, even allow you to progress at your own pace

On the flip-side, you may prefer to train in-person and get to know your instructor and the other students. Many students and kids yoga companies, including Pretzel Kids, offer weekend training around the United States and internationally. 

Regardless of whether you choose an online or in-person course, make sure you have an idea of what you’d like to do with your kids yoga teacher career. Is this something you want to do long-term and full-time? Do you want to teach as a side hustle? Do you want to run your own business? 

Depending on which path you choose, you can now calculate if you will get a good return on your teacher training investment. For example some kids yoga online programs may not offer you career options yet they may be the least expensive option (price isn’t everything!)

Lastly, factor in whether the brand and community support will help you succeed (we think both of these are key to your success as a children’s yoga instructor!) To learn more about any course you choose, make sure to look at the online reviews and maybe even ask to talk to a teacher training graduate.

3 Mistakes Yoga Teachers Make When Choosing a Children’s Yoga Teacher Training Course

Ok, now it’s time to spill the tea! We bet you want to know the 3 mistakes yoga teachers make when choosing a children’s yoga teacher training course, right? This way you can avoid making these very same mistakes. 

Luckily, we’ve highlighted these mistakes here to ensure that you don’t run into the same problems! Take a look:

1. You Forget to Consider Whether the Course will Prepare you to Specifically Teach Children’s Yoga

A common mistake is when people don’t look at the whole picture! All yoga programs are NOT created equal. 

When you research a training program ask yourself key questions. And, if you want to teach children, make sure the 200-hour program will prepare you to do so (the likelihood is that it will NOT!) 

Some questions to ask: Are the techniques being taught specifically for kids? Will you learn how to incorporate mindfulness? Will the course prepare you to plan a class in a school? These questions can help you pick a kids yoga teacher training program that will teach you how to interact with kids, teach children’s yoga techniques, and much more. Also keep in mind that a training program should teach you how to appropriately communicate with kids. 

2. You Overlook the Program’s Support and Community 

Starting a new journey that includes learning a new skill, building a business and jumping into a new job can be nerve-wracking. But, with the right community, it can be a whole lot easier! 

Having a supportive group of teachers is key. So, when choosing a program, consider the community you’ll be a part of. Will there be support after the training is done? Will you have job opportunities and continue education options within the community and kids yoga company? All of these are important factors to consider when picking a kids yoga teacher training course. 

While many programs teach you kids yoga poses, you may need more than this to be a successful youth yoga teacher. You’ll also need business-building skills and job opportunities. Having an interactive community can offer you ongoing resources and opportunities. So you should definitely factor this into your decision. 

For example, Pretzel Kids offers newsletters, monthly lesson plans, promotional tools to help you reach new clients, and continuous virtual training and events! They even have a close-knit community where instructors can engage and support each other. 

The bottom line: Always consider the support and community of a brand when searching for a kids yoga teacher training course. 

3. You Don’t Prioritize the Earnings Potential and Time Requirements

When it comes to kids yoga training, the cost and time involved can vary markedly. For example, some programs have prerequisites before you even enroll, such as you must have two years of experience with an instructor or attend an audition. Other programs require that participants have already completed a 200-hour training certification. 

Still other courses, like Pretzel Kids, have zero prerequisites. 

When it comes to time commitments, some training programs require 200 hours, whereas others are much, much shorter (Pretzel Kids offers a weekend training that is about 14 hours long and a 12-hour online option). 

The Pretzel Kids training also includes a membership to the Pretzel Kids Teacher Association, which includes ongoing training, themed lesson plans, a vibrant community, social media support, job opportunities and more!

Additionally, it’s key to consider the financial requirements. One course may be cheaper than another but this doesn’t mean it’s the best fit. Whereas some courses are 200-hours and cost thousands, others are 10-12 hours and cost a fraction of this price, while offering you a fast track to tons of teaching opportunities. So, make sure you think about the earning potential as well as the initial cost.

kids yoga teacher training

Are You Ready to Become a Yoga Teacher to Kids?

Starting a new journey can be both exciting and scary but it will definitely be worth it when you get to wake up and do something you love! 

So, use all the tips we mentioned above to avoid making mistakes when choosing a kids yoga teacher training course. Your new career is waiting for you (and so are the kids!)

About Tvisha

Tvisha Patel is a blog writer at Pretzel Kids. She loves doing yoga in her downtime and is currently a business student at Schulich School of Business – York University, in Ontario, Canada. Tvisha also enjoys exploring nature, music and photography!

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