5 Tips to Get Ready to Go Back to School in 2023

Updated: August 31, 2023

It’s time to get ready to go back to school!

We know you’re busy getting ready for the upcoming school year so to help you out, we wanted to share 5 tips to get ready to go back to school in 2023.

To be honest, it can be challenging to get back into a routine, so don’t feel bad if you struggle a bit. These 5 tips are meant to help you feel less-stressed, so read on to learn more!

back to school in 2023

1. When you get ready to go back to school, Make Sure Your Kids Bring a Backpack

Many kids, even the youngest ones, carry around laptops and e-readers. And, you may be tempted to let your kid carry their school supplies and electronics in an oversized purse or other type of bag.

There are good points to letting your child have their own “bag of stuff,” but there is no denying that book bags are more stable and safer for carrying heavy stuff. Plus, one large backpack will help children stay organized with their school supplies, homework assignments, snacks and more. 

2. Plan ahead with Packing Lunches

Grocery shopping is a lot of work and can be time-consuming for busy parents. So, make it easier on yourself by planning out meals in advance. 

When you do this, you will have the ingredients you need to make these meals on hand and can easily assemble school lunches. Meal planning in advance also helps ensure that you won’t forget those important foods or drinks. If you’re at a loss with what to prepare for lunches, check out these healthy school lunch options!

3. Draw a Google Map of Your Route to School

back to school safely in 2022

To be better prepared for bus routes, plan ahead by going to the Google Maps page for your kid’s school. Then print it out and draw a simplified version of this map for your children (you can just print it out for older kids and teens). This way, your child will know exactly where to look for you or their bus when they get out of school.

4. Don’t Forget about Healthy Sleep Habits

When getting ready to go back to school, a healthy night’s sleep is important for everyone, including kids! Get ready for the new school year by starting a regular sleep schedule, and making sure your kids and teens are getting enough sleep at night.  

To help ease into the nighttime routine, it’s a good idea for kids to get at least a half-hour of fresh air before bed each night, and avoid T.V. and electronic devices before bedtime.

5. Practice Yoga Poses for Kids

Ok, we know that yoga doesn’t really have to do with going back to school safely but, yoga will help you and the kids stress less!

So, try incorporating yoga poses for kids into your daily routine. Here’s another pro tip: Try introducing some simple calming breathing exercises for kids and perhaps teach kids to meditate!

Here’s to a Successful School Year!

back to school in 2023

By heeding these 5 tips, it’s our hope that this will help your child ease into the back-to-school routine. As they return to school, we encourage you to be patient as they adjust to a new schedule, new teachers, and new peers. 

One more pro tip: If your kids seem out of sorts or have high levels of stress, seek out professional help and remember to always prioritize your self-care! You’ve got this!

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