5 Ways to Keep Up Your Best Habits from Quarantine

5 Ways to Keep Up Your Best Habits from Quarantine

By Ana Garcia, content writer

For the last several months, small businesses, yoga teachers, and families have been dealing with the new normal brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. And, while schools and businesses have been opening up, things aren’t necessarily back to the way they were before. 

More than ever, people are relying on new pandemic skills – such as anxiety management and teaching yoga to kids – to begin adjusting to life outside their quarantine bubbles. This can be even more challenging if you have school-age children who may be homeschooled, in pandemic pods or in a hybrid school situation.

Indeed, home offices and online classes are likely going to be part of our day-to-day lives for a while. So, you may as well adjust to lifestyle shifts and doing more online. 

Here at Pretzel Kids, we know a thing or two about how to stay calm and make the most out of the pandemic. Read on for 5 ways to keep up your best habits from quarantine as the world begins to open back up.

1. Be proud of your new hobbies and habits

You might take it for granted now, but you may have started new habits and routines around food, classes, meetings and free time – while being house-bound during the longest days of lockdown. During this time, you no doubt picked up on some new skills and hobbies. You might have started learning a new language, discovered a different method of organizing clothes, or even trained to become a Pretzel Kids yoga teacher in less than 12 hours! Make a list of all the things you achieved over this period, and use this list as a positive affirmation. Look at all you’ve accomplished and allow yourself to feel proud!

2. Cultivate your new interests and skills

Though solitude can be lonely, it can also be great for cultivating necessary quiet time. This “me” time might be just what you needed to figure out how to use new apps such as Slack to work from home. Or, perhaps you became an ace at managing the daily schedules of everyone in your family. Most importantly, perhaps you’ve been super resourceful when it comes to planning meals from your pantry staples or saving money into a rainy day fund. Whether you’ve kept your job through the pandemic or are one of the millions of Americans out of work at the moment, you’ll be an ideal remote employee with your newfound expertise!

3. Consider how you can apply your skills today

At this moment, it’s hard to know when or if things might return to “normal.” Still, this shouldn’t stop you from moving your life forward and going after your goals as the economy improves. There’s no better time for personal and professional growth than these uncertain days when you can truly experiment with what you like to do. Use the skills you’ve learned to spread positive messages, keep yourself busy or even make some extra cash! You can do all three by becoming a kids yoga instructor with Pretzel Kids. As a kids yoga teacher, you can spread valuable lessons about mental and physical health to both yourself and your students. Even better, teaching kids yoga can be any kind of job you want it to be, from a side gig to a full-time career! 

4. Did you start a new healthy fitness habit? Keep it up!

Did you make any changes in your daily exercise regimen that you really love? It’s always a great thing to make exercise a part of your daily routine at home, and this doesn’t have to end when you go back to work in an office and your social calendar picks up again. For example, the benefits of practicing at least 30 minutes of yoga can help you stay fit while improving your mental and physical health.

5. Self-discipline goes a long way

As the initial quarantine period fades further and further into the past, it can be tempting to just forget about it altogether. Resist the urge! You and your family have learned so much about yourselves during this time. Think about it. If you found a way to overcome the disorganization of life stuck at home and created a daily routine for your little ones while remaining calm in quarantine, we congratulate you! Keep in mind that structure makes your family’s world go ‘round. 

And, you’re not alone if getting through your days was a challenge. We’ve all been there! Now that you’ve made it to the other side, you’re able to show yourself and your kids how to overcome hard situations, such as COVID-19. You can do this while keeping hopes high for the future to come.

Look forward to new beginnings

While times may still be tough, take advantage of this opportunity at home to start anew for yourself and your family, even if that just means taking a deep breath and thinking about life in a different way. 

Here’s another pro tip: This is a great chance to amp up your yoga and mindfulness practice. Want to learn how to practice yoga as a family? Or are you looking for an online kids yoga certification course? The Pretzel Kids Method is here for you! 

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