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6 Spring Kids Yoga Poses and Activities

Updated: April 4, 2024

By Tvisha Patel, contributing writer

We’re approaching the season when flowers are blooming, days are lighter and warmer, and the birds are chirping. That’s right, spring has sprung!

This spring season, kids can relieve their stress and anxiety and also become more active by implementing yoga into their daily routines. Spring is also a great time to bring yoga into after-school programs. And, it’s no doubt the perfect time to start teaching yoga for kids! 

Read on to learn the top 6 spring yoga poses for kids and seasonal mindfulness activities!

Spring kids yoga poses

Top 6 Spring Kids Yoga Poses and Activities

1. Bunny Pose (Child’s Pose Variation)

After a long day at school, it’s a good idea for kids to release the tension in their bodies with yoga poses! So, let’s ask the kids to pretend to be bunny rabbits.  Then imagine that the bunny is soaking in the fresh smell of flowers. Creating such imagery can help the children calm their minds and bodies. 

To do ‘Bunny Pose,’ ask the children to start in Child’s Pose and start sitting back on their heels. Ask the kids to bring their forehead to the floor and drop their shoulders to the floor as well. 

From here, instruct them to take deep breaths in and out of their nose. This pose helps to stretch the back muscles and alleviates built-up tension in the body. It’s a relaxing yoga asana, especially if the kids have been sitting in class all day.

2. Tree Pose 

When I think of spring, I think of green trees. Why not take this imagery and strike a pose! Tree pose will help kids strengthen their balance and build confidence

Start in a standing Mountain Pose, inhale deeply, and place your right foot high onto your inner left thigh. You can place your palms together at the middle of your chest or stretch your arms overhead as if you’re reaching for the sun. If you want to help the kids imagine a spring scene, ask them to close their eyes and envision themselves standing tall like trees in a garden or forest. 

3. Butterfly Pose

Along with spring comes the sight of colorful butterflies and it’s truly beautiful to watch them fly around! 

Let’s ask the kids to practice butterfly pose – a great posture to relieve tension in the low back, hips and even inner thighs. 

From a seated position, ask the children to bring the soles of their feet together while keeping a tall spine. Direct them to place their elbows against their inner thighs as they hold onto each of their feet and lower their torso forward. Ask them to lower down until they feel a deep stretch while keeping their breathing in check. This pose will help relieve tightness in the body and is especially good for kids who may feel stressed all day and are sitting in class for long hours. 

4. Sprouting Seed Pose – Camel Pose

Spring season reminds us all to bloom, just like a sprouting seed!

Let’s imagine ourselves blooming by coming into Sprouting Seed pose, aka Camel Pose. 

Ask the kids to get on their knees, sitting upright with a tall spine. Direct them to put their hands at the base of their sacrum with their fingers pointing down. Make sure the children are supporting their lower backs. Then ask them to slowly lean backwards and press their hips forward. Gaze up at the sky if it doesn’t bother the neck. From here, they can perhaps reach for their heels and shift their weight forward a bit more. It’s important to keep breathing in this position. Sprouting Seed Pose can help develop both strength and flexibility, especially in the spine. 

Watch our Spring Kids Yoga Poses video:

Top Spring Activities for Kids

5. Spring Hiking 

Spring brings along beautiful weather and the sun, which means that there are several opportunities to be outdoors and active! Hiking is one of the best activities for this because it’s fun for the kids and beneficial at the same time.

So, find a few trails that have great nature and scenery and take the kids for a hike! As you get more into hiking, you can even explore new parks with more hills and new trails. Hiking with friends and family also gives children the chance to laugh and have conversations in an outdoor setting, while they can also experience nature and focus on happy moments. In addition, any form of exercise like this helps the brain because of the extra oxygenation that kids will experience from this. 

6. Spring Picnics

spring kids yoga poses

Find a great park, gather friends and family and take the kids on a picnic.

The warm weather calls for gathering with family and what better way to celebrate than a picnic! Start the picnic with fun games like volleyball, badminton, soccer or even have a seat and play charades! And here’s a fun tip: You can even play yoga games with kids! 

Don’t forget the most iconic games from your childhood, like freeze tag and hide and seek! And remember to bring along some fun and healthy snacks so the kids can energize. 

If possible, stay outside long enough to watch the sunset. After a full day of games and active sports, ending it off with a calming activity can be a perfect end to a spring day. 

Are You Ready to Take on This Spring Season and Teach Kids Yoga Poses?!

If you’re looking for inspiring spring yoga poses for kids and a few fun outdoor activities, look no further than the 6 suggestions in this article. Just remember: Have fun and enjoy the weather! 

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