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7 Top Side Hustles for Teachers

Updated: May 10, 2024

By Ana Garcia, contributing writer

If you’re a teacher, you know how hard it is to make ends meet on a teacher’s salary. 

For this reason, you may want to look for ways to supplement your income. And, this is the perfect time to figure out how to make more money on a teacher’s income.

You may be wondering: How can I earn more money? Or, what are the best side hustles for teachers?

Luckily for you, we’re here to help. 

Here are 7 side hustles to help you earn more money on a teacher’s salary. Read on to learn more.

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Side hustles for Teachers

1. Become an English teacher online

Teaching English as a side gig can sound cliché, especially if your daily job already includes teaching this language to children. But, you can still level up your side hustle earnings by teaching English online. This way you can set your own hours, and even create group or one-on-one lessons for children online. 

There are many platforms and companies that offer you the ability to launch a side hustle teaching kids. You can even start tutoring on your own. 

To get going, try marketing your services through local Facebook groups, forums and pages. You can also create your own customized Instagram page. And, of course, there’s always the old-fashioned advertising method: Post flyers in your local library, coffee shops and other locations around town.

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2. Drive for a rideshare company

If you have some spare time at night and on the weekend, driving for a rideshare company can be a good fit for you. Getting the hang of it can be challenging at first, so be sure to research rideshare companies in your area. You should also find out if you can drive in a way that’s most convenient for you.

Both Uber and Lyft, for example, have a feature called “Destination Mode.” This  allows you to connect with passengers that are along your regular daily route and lets you find customers who have the same final destination as you. This hack can save you time, and keep you away from unknown locations around your city.

Being a driver also gives you the possibility of scheduling your own working hours. This way you can drive when it’s convenient for you. All told, driving for rideshare apps can help you earn an extra $14 to $17 per hour.

3.  Babysit or dog sit

School breaks and summer school vacations are perfect times for you to make money by babysitting or pet sitting. You can also try this side hustle year-round during evenings and weekends. 

To get started, you can use apps and websites like Sittercity.com and Care.com. These sites will help connect you to families looking for care services in your area. And, just think: One initial babysitting gig can lead to a regular side hustle with the same family.

Dog sitting gigs are also very popular and in high demand. If you have never done this before, a good option is to set up a dog-walking profile on a website or app, such as Rover.com or Wag.com. Both apps require some basic background verification, but you can start taking care of pets right after your profile is approved.

4. Become a children’s yoga instructor 

Teaching kids yoga is a popular side hustle! Plus, learning to teach kids yoga is easy.

You could take a lengthy and expensive 200-hour yoga teacher training course, but we do not recommend this. Why should you spend $3,000 on a 200-hour yoga TT when you can take a kids yoga teacher training course for less than $500? 

Better yet, what if that kids yoga certification course offered you a business-in-a-box kids yoga licensing and membership program that would help you start a kids yoga business immediately – in your own community? 

What if you could become a kids yoga teacher with a children’s yoga brand that would help you make more money right away?

Well, you’re in luck!

Pretzel Kids yoga is the ideal solution for teachers looking to start a side hustle teaching kids yoga classes in schools! 

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5. Teach kids fitness classes

If you still have athletic skills from back in the day or you are into sports, you can seriously consider becoming a coach or teaching kids’ athletic classes. 

Local gyms, dance studios, schools, and community centers are constantly looking for responsible and competent coaches, so this may be the perfect side gig for you. 

How much can you earn? Based on our research, soccer and dance teachers earn about $20 to $25 per hour, so this may be a great way for you to earn extra money while doing something you’re passionate about.

And, once you start teaching fitness or dance, perhaps you can become a yoga instructor for kids – at those same locations! You’ve already got the connections so why not?

You may ask yourself, “how do I become a yoga teacher?” Or, “Is it hard to get all the materials I need for kids yoga?” No need to worry. Becoming a kids yoga teacher is super easy! 

You don’t even need good weather conditions!

You can teach kids yoga outside in a park, in a living room, or even in a backyard. The possibilities are endless! 

Better yet, you can connect with a company like Pretzel Kids yoga, which offers affordable online teacher training for yoga instructors. 

Pretzel Kids yoga also gives you the necessary tools and business skills to start kids teaching right away! 

And, guess what? Pretzel Kids yoga may be the best side hustle of all for teachers. 

Why? You can earn $40 to $100 per class as a licensed Pretzel Kids yoga teacher! 

6. Sell your unused items

Selling your stuff may involve some clean-up and organizing. Yes, this can be bothersome and annoying. But, you can actually make some extra bucks just by selling things you no longer use. 

In fact, clearing your attic, garage, office or basement can become pretty darned lucrative. 

To start, you can hold a yard sale and post flyers around your neighborhood. You can also promote your yard sale on Nextdoor.com.

Don’t want to prepare for a weekend sale or deal with bargaining in real life? Then try listing your items online on sites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. You can also try photographing each item and listing them for sale on apps like OfferUp and letgo. 

Here’s another pro tip: Besides earning extra cash, you may feel a whole lot more organized once you declutter! 

7. Become a virtual assistant (VA) 

side hustles for teachers

Virtual assistants are in hot demand as companies and entrepreneurs look for qualified remote assistants to help with specific tasks and projects.

This may be the perfect side hustle for you if you’re good at making and scheduling appointments, sending and sorting emails, optimizing images for Pinterest, and handling bookkeeping tasks. 

A good way to get started as a VA is to get in touch with an agency that can link you with a bigger company or firm that is looking for an assistant. You can also promote your services on sites like Upwork.com or Fiverr.com.

Are you ready to start your side hustle?

side hustles for teachers

As a teacher, you work hard. We know that. 

But if you’re looking to earn some extra money this year – or anytime – we hope you’ll try out one of these 7 side hustles for teachers. 

Here’s a final pro tip: If you want to become a kids yoga teacher, Pretzel Kids yoga has you covered. We offer an online training course that will get you certified to teach Pretzel Kids yoga classes in less than 12 hours!

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