8 fun indoor activities for kids

Updated: July 14, 2023

By Ana Garcia, Pretzel Kids contributing writer

As parents, you may enjoy the time you spend with your kids. Yet, right now, you may be struggling with coming up with rainy day activities or things to do when it’s just too hot outside.

This is where a little creativity comes into play. 

8 fun indoor activities for kids

There are countless indoor activities to do with kids – especially when it’s hot and humid outside.  

However, if you find yourself running out of ideas, here are 8 fun (and cheap!) indoor activities for kids. Take a look. 

top indoor activities for kids

1. Baking

Now is the perfect time to bake a yummy treat! So, take your kids on a tour around the kitchen and show them your kitchen appliances, cooking utensils, and gadgets. Then, pick out the ingredients from your refrigerator and pantry. 

Now, it’s time to get baking. Eventually, your kids may develop a real passion for baking. You can continue this activity by finding recipes that allow them to taste delicious flavors and textures, like cake pops or cookies. Plus, you can enjoy these desserts on a rainy day!

2. Coloring

Coming up with indoor activities for kids can be challenging. But, it can be as easy as grabbing some paper and colored pencils or crayons. This may even be a relief to screen-overloaded children

Kids also learn by coloring. For example, they can follow the patterns or even try to create similar artwork on their own. Encourage them to use all the colors, markers and pens they have. Even throw in some glitter if you have some!

3. Board games

The time to play board games is here! Games can teach kids valuable lessons and help them develop critical thinking. But, kids can also have fun! If your kids are a bit older, they can even dig into games like Battleship, Monopoly or Clue. Learning to play chess can also be a fun game to teach your little ones! 

4. Kids yoga 

If you’re a yogi yourself, or have practiced yoga before, this one is a no-brainer. 

And, if you want your kids to stay active indoors while they enhance their strength, coordination and body awareness, kids yoga is the perfect activity. So, go to your living room or wherever there’s space and make a commitment to start practicing yoga with your kids! You can even do themed poses, like winter poses or animal poses. The key here is to make yoga fun for kids! 

5. Building a fort

This is an awesome time to get cozy and warm with your kids – and build a fort! 

Go to all the rooms in your house and grab the following: blankets, pillows, tents, chairs, puffs, and even Christmas lights. This way you can turn your fort into a magical little space for the entire crew! Once you’ve created a fort, you can enjoy a movie, have a snack, or even a group nap. So get building!

6. Play dough

Think about it: dough is soft, flexible and harmless fun! What a great way to spend time with your little ones and make some colorful creations. You can even make your own dough with recipes you can find online. Once you have some dough, try creating small human figures, build tiny houses, or make your own sculptures!

7. Hide and seek

This is the simplest of games, and yet hide and seek can turn into a very exciting time for your little ones during lockdown! To start, encourage your kids to find original (and safe) places to hide. Under a pile of clothes or behind the couch can be the perfect place. Get the whole family involved and break up your day! 

8. Storytime 

Storytime is usually relegated to bedtime, but you can do this at any time. Simply gather your kids in a comfortable space and ask them to sit around you or in front of you. Then, grab a book and start reading a story. 

You can also create your own stories and ask the kids to do the same. It’s the perfect way to engage your children in an imaginative activity. Plus, you can have some fun without leaving the house.

You can do this!

indoor activities for kids

We hope you enjoy these 8 fun kids activities. And if you want even more ideas, we’ve got a mini-course on ‘How to Teach Mindfulness for Kids’. This offers many at-home mindfulness activities and crafts. Are you ready to get creative with indoor activities for kids? We thought so!

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