A Complete Guide on How to Get Fitness and Yoga Continuing Education Credits

Are you wondering “how to get yoga continuing education credits” or “how to get certified in fitness?” Have you asked yourself “how many CEUs do I need for NASM?” or even “What is a CEC in fitness?”

If you’re already a yoga teacher, group exercise instructor or personal trainer, you might want to know how to continue your fitness education after you are certified. With so many continuing education courses out there, this may seem like a maze with lots of possibilities. 

We get it.

Just like you have many choices if you want to become a kids yoga teacher, there are also lots of fitness certifications. 

We’re here to break down exactly what a continuing education unit or continuing education credit is (CEU or CEC), what are the best continuing education credits for personal trainers, and how to choose the best online fitness and yoga courses for you. Take a look. 

What is a CEC in fitness?

A CEC stands for “continuing education credit.” A CEU means “continuing education unit.” A “unit” of credit is equal to 10 hours of participation in an approved course.

For the most part, CECs and CEUs both offer yoga teachers, fitness trainers, and group exercise instructors specific credits to enhance their knowledge and expertise. Oftentimes, CECs and CEUs are required to maintain certification with a particular fitness association.

For example, if you want to become a group fitness instructor or personal trainer, you can get certified by training with many different organizations, including the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). When certified with these associations, you will need to submit approved courses for CECs or CEUs to remain in good standing. 

You can, for example, get CECs or CEUs and bolster your skills by taking specialty courses in kids yoga, indoor cycling, and other fitness programs. 

Likewise, if you’re a teacher registered with the Yoga Alliance (a trade association and not a certification board), you can maintain your RYT designation by taking a yoga teacher training and online courses to maintain the minimum number of required yoga continuing education credits

Pretzel Kids is an Approved Provider with NASM and AFAA

We know how important it is for fitness instructors and personal trainers to broaden their skills. We also know that when you become a kids yoga teacher, you have many more opportunities to both earn more money and help children get fit.

For these reasons and more, the online Pretzel Kids Teacher Training is now recognized by AFAA and NASM as an Approved Continuing Education Provider. The online Pretzel Kids Yoga Teacher Certification Course offers 1.2 NASM CEUs and 12 AFAA CECs. Both options are the equivalent of 12 hours of coursework. 

Head over here to learn more about the NASM approved CEUs list 2020 and here to learn about the AFAA approved CECs list 2020. 

In addition, if you’re part of the National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA), you can also get CEUs and CECs through Pretzel Kids yoga via a reciprocal program. 

NETA automatically accepts CECs/CEUs pre-approved by…. AFAA and/or NASM. Courses pre-approved for CECs/CEUs by one or more of these organizations do not require a Petition Application.”

Pretzel Kids Yoga Offers Yoga Alliance CECs

If you’re a yoga teacher (RYT with the Yoga Alliance) looking for continuing education to maintain the required 30 CEUs every three years, you’re in luck.

Pretzel Kids yoga is an approved YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider). Once you enroll and become a kids yoga teacher with Pretzel Kids yoga, you are eligible for 16 continuing ed credits through the Yoga Alliance (YA). 

How to Earn More Money as a Group Exercise Instructor 

If you’re wondering “How can fitness trainers make more money?” there’s no singular answer. 

But, continuing your education and adding new fitness and yoga certifications to your skillset will give you more classes to teach – and more ways to earn money.

For example, if you’re a personal trainer who works with adults on weekday mornings and evenings, perhaps you can supplement your income by teaching one or two after-school kids yoga classes a week. By becoming a Pretzel Kids children’s yoga teacher, you can earn CECs through AFAA and CEUs through NASM. Not only this, but you’ll be able to help children get fit!

Pretzel Kids yoga is a lucrative side hustle. Here’s how to get started:

Similar to becoming a member of Zumba ZIN, the Pretzel Kids yoga membership allows you to use the Pretzel Kids brand and logo to market your classes. You’ll also get to use the Pretzel Kids yoga web platform to enroll kids in your classes and get directly booked for teaching gigs. Lastly, Pretzel Kids yoga provides you with ongoing monthly teaching and marketing resources. 

Joining the Pretzel Kids yoga membership program is a no-brainer if you want to make more money! 

Are You Ready to Start Your Side Hustle Teaching Kids Yoga?

Are you ready to be part of the gig economy with a side hustle

Pretzel Kids yoga may be the perfect new income opportunity for you!

Meanwhile, make sure you consider the online Pretzel Kids Yoga Certification Course if you’re looking to earn CEUs or CECs with NASM, AFAA, NETA or YA. 

And remember: When you learn to teach kids yoga, you gain a lifelong skill. 

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