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7 Proven Benefits of Yoga for Children

Updated: March 15, 2023

By Jeanell Birk, contributing writer

It is estimated that over 36 million Americans practice yoga. And for good reason! 

Practicing yoga and mindfulness offers many positive physical and mental health benefits for adults of all ages, ranging from improved posture and sleep, to less stress and anxiety, and even better flexibility and circulatory health. 

But did you know that yoga is becoming increasingly popular among children, too? 

Just do a search online for “kids yoga class near me”, and you’re bound to find a multitude of yoga class options for babies, yoga for toddlers, classes for school-age children, and even yoga for teens

Yoga for Stress Relief

The consensus: Kids love practicing yoga and mindfulness!

We all know that there’s no avoiding stress completely. Yet, yoga is able to offer both kids and parents tools to deal with the daily stresses. There is no better time than the present to begin to incorporate a healthy routine into your children’s lives!

According to a Harvard Health article, “More Than Just a Game”, yoga improves physical and mental health for children, as well as boosts academic performance and improved classroom behavior. 

Read on to learn 7 proven benefits of yoga for children.

1. Yoga Improves Focus 

With each pose, children learn to focus on the posture at hand and their breath simultaneously. This is no easy task, as each pose requires the use of different muscle groups, and different levels of coordination that may be new and challenging. But with each pose and breath, your child will increase their ability to focus, They will then be more apt to apply this new skill throughout their daily lives at home and at school.

2. Yoga Helps You Sleep

Sleep is essential for children’s developing minds and bodies. Practicing yoga before bed can be a fantastic way to let go of any stress that the day may have brought on. Many of us hold our stresses and tensions within our bodies, and yoga teaches us to intentionally release that tension. There are also many calming poses and breathing exercises that help the body and mind relax for a good night’s sleep! 

3. Yoga Enhances Strength and Flexibility

Many believe that yoga is all about lying down in savasana and melting your worries away. But it can actually be an amazing workout! Each pose utilizes different muscle groups throughout the body for a full and complete workout of strength training and stretching. Your child will gain strength and flexibility in their legs, core, and upper body! Keeping the body strong and nimble will also help to prevent injuries when they’re participating in sports and activities.  

4. Yoga Improves Balance and Coordination

Having a good sense of balance and coordination is important to prevent falls and injuries. Many poses offer kids the chance to practice and improve their balance and coordination. Whether it’s a classic tree pose or simply coordinating their breath with each asana, children will learn to connect their mind and body in order to successfully execute each pose. With each posture, students gain the necessary strength in their feet, legs, and core to maintain proper balance and coordination.

5. Yoga for Self-Esteem

Because yoga is a non-competitive physical activity, children are able to progress at their own pace without the common pressures that usually come with most competitive sports and activities. When kids are presented with a challenging pose on the mat, and eventually achieve that desired pose, they are filled with confidence and great satisfaction in themselves. They are able to prove to themselves that anything is possible with hard work and perseverance. 

6. Yoga Helps Manage Anxiety

Practicing asanas and mindfulness for kids allows children to release physical tension through movement, stretching, and guided breathwork. Yoga also teaches children to focus on the moment and to not worry about the future or regret the past. This one technique by itself has a very calming effect on the mind. And lastly, children will learn how to relax their bodies and minds. Once they’re able to calm their minds and relax their bodies on their own, they will be able to apply this to their daily lives, all helping to reduce stress and anxiety when it may arise.

7. yoga Helps Improve Awareness

When children learn to pay attention to their breathing and body placement, they are cultivating a very important skill: They are becoming keenly aware of their own body in space as well as how they’re breathing. Our breathing patterns can teach us a lot about our state of mind. Being aware of our breath and then slowing it down, we learn to release bodily tension and calm ourselves. This, in turn, helps children self-regulate.

Yoga for children: A Myriad of Benefits!

yoga for children

The research is clear: Practicing yoga can be an essential part of a child’s daily life, and we now know that yoga for children is extremely beneficial for both you and your entire family! 

By practicing asanas, kids will gain more than just flexibility and good balance. They will form a strong mind-body connection that will give them the necessary tools to thrive in situations that life throws at them. 

Let’s face it: We’re facing incredibly challenging and stressful times right now. Yet, you can help by including yoga for children into your family’s daily routine. 

Thinking about becoming a yoga instructor? We’ve got just the answer for you! The Pretzel Kids Method is the perfect way for you to learn how to teach kids yoga to your children, and in turn, give the gift of reduced stress to your entire family! 

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