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The Best Yoga Poses for Kids and Teens

Updated: May 22, 2024

By Jeanell Birk, Content Writer, contributing writer

Does it seem as though stress has become a daily occurrence with your family lately? Do you find yourself or your children overwhelmed, tense, and overcome with anxiety? If so, you’re not alone.  

Why not incorporate mindfulness and yoga into your daily routine? 

Yoga and mindfulness have been shown time and time again to be beneficial and helpful for dealing with stress and anxiety, as well as boosting relaxation and happiness. 

And, children’s yoga can also help you begin your journey to rest and relaxation, even if your kids happen to be home all day homeschooling. Check out some of our best yoga poses for kids.

Relaxing yoga poses for kids

Child’s pose

This is a classic yoga pose for kids – it’s right in the name! It’s a great pose to start off your yoga practice and allows for quiet, self-care time. Plus, you can rest your eyes from looking at screens.

How to do Child’s pose:

Start by kneeling on the ground. Then sit back on your heels and lean your body forward and bring your torso upon your thighs towards the ground. You can rest your arms straight in front of you or you can bring your arms behind you, toward your heels. Let your shoulders release to the floor. Child’s pose is a great yoga pose to help calm the mind.

Child's pose

Gate pose

This is a great pose to stretch the side body!

How to do Gate pose

Start by kneeling on the floor and send the right leg out to the right. Rest your right hand upon the side of your right leg and then reach your left arm up to the sky. Lean to the right and reach your left arm to the right side. Feel the deep side stretch. Hold for a few seconds and release. Repeat on the other side.

You can also do Gate pose seated! 

Resting pose (Savasana)

Also known as deep relaxation pose, savasana is the mother of all yoga poses for stress-relief! This pose, which comes at the end of a kids yoga class, helps calm children down so they can experience rest

How to do Savasana

Simply lay on your back with your arms and legs outstretched. Try doing this with your eyes closed to really center yourself. Take some deep breaths and then relax! 

Savasana for kids

Yoga poses for strength

Star pose

When teaching kids yoga, it’s important to mix in relaxing poses and strength postures. This brings balance to the body and mind. Star pose, sometimes called Five Pointed Star Pose, is a great standing yoga pose for kids as it isn’t hard to do, yet helps build muscular strength while developing focus and concentration. If you’re a kids yoga teacher, you may also want to insert some encouragement into this one by telling kids that they’re stars!

How to do Star pose

Stand with your arms and legs stretched out to the sides. Reach as far to the sides as you can with both arms, while solidly planting your feet into the ground. Try some deep breathing with this one, too. 

Star pose

Tree pose

Tree pose is a favorite standing yoga pose in a kids yoga class. Children love practicing this balance pose as it entails standing on one foot. 

How to do Tree pose

Stand with your feet under your shoulders and your hands pressed together at your chest. Then, lift one foot up and place that foot below or above the knee on the opposite leg. Turn the hip and knee out to the side while balancing on the opposite foot/leg. The kids can either press the palms together in front of their heart or lift the arms overhead. If the children lose their balance, that’s okay! It’s all about feeling strong and calm! 

Tree pose

Yoga poses for anxiety

Forward fold

This is a great pose to help relieve tension from sitting in a chair and being on the computer all day! 

How to do Forward Fold

Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and hold your hands together behind your back or just let your arms rest down by your sides. Then slowly lean forward and fold toward the ground. Slowly roll back up to a stand or come up with a flat back, lifting your arms out to the side and overhead. Bring arms back down to your sides or into Namaste position. 

Cat and Cow poses

These are simple but effective kids yoga poses for remote learning. They offer a silly way to relax and let loose during a stressful homeschooling day. Plus, these two yoga poses really help stretch out the back and neck!

How to do Cat and Cow poses

Get on all fours and arch your back upwards like a cat and then downwards like a cow. Have some fun with this one! Maybe the kids can “meow” or “moo” when they switch from pose to pose!

Yoga for Kids rocks!

yoga poses for kids

As you can see, practicing yoga poses helps reduce stress.

By simply cultivating a short and easy daily yoga routine with your children, it is possible to create a positive learning and working environment during these difficult times. So, what are you waiting for?

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Jeanell Birk lives with her husband and three sons in New York City. Once upon a time, she was a dancer and a children’s ballet instructor, but these days she can be found homeschooling her boys while exploring all that The Big Apple has to offer. She loves learning about and practicing a life of health and wellness, and is thrilled to be able to contribute to the Pretzel Kids blog!

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