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Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Curated Gifts from Women-Owned Businesses

Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Curated Gifts from Women-Owned Businesses

By Melody Joy Paine, contributing writer

It’s a familiar scene. You walk into a store, or more likely shop online, and you are bombarded with choices and decisions that make your head spin. 

A few hours later, you find something really cool at a small business that you didn’t know you needed. You buy it, yet you still haven’t made a dent with your holiday gifts. Indeed, buying gifts from women-owned businesses that are meaningful, thoughtful, and don’t add to the clutter can feel overwhelming. 

So, we’re here to make 2020 just a little less stressful for you with a holiday gift guide filled with our favorite, unique gifts – all from female entrepreneurs. 

Whether you are looking for kids yoga classes, family photography, or creative toys for children, we think you’ll find it in our Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Curated Gifts from Women-Owned Businesses.

Give the Gift of Experiences and Classes!

Kids Yoga Classes

Kids yoga classes with Pretzel Kids

Kids of all ages love yoga! And we may be biased, but we recommend Pretzel Kids yoga online classes. Besides, why not give your kids fun yoga classes rather than more stuff that they’ll grow tired of in a month? Check out virtual Pretzel Kids yoga classes here and find a class that your child will love!

Online Kids Yoga Certification

Talking about kids yoga classes, are you a mom who wants to start a yoga business for kids without worrying about all of the details of entrepreneurship? If so, add an online yoga teacher training course to your Christmas list for a yoga business-in-a-box for you – or someone you love! Visit Pretzel Kids yoga to learn more. 

Music Classes

The gift of music lessons with Noteworthy Experiences goes beyond just learning an art form. Music provides a place for us to express ourselves freely in a way that we connect with others and to something deep within ourselves. For the young and old, novice and experienced artists, this is a gift that everyone can appreciate more than usual this year. For gift certificates, visit Noteworthy Experiences.

Create Lasting Memories

Films & Photos

Sentimental minimalists will appreciate the meaningful memories preserved through Imperfect Joy. Female entrepreneur Melody Joy captures the beauty of everyday, ordinary moments through photography and family filmmaking that tells the story of all the little things you want to remember most about this time in your life. Visit Imperfect Joy to learn more.

Learn to Knit

You know how much you miss going out for a self-care day with your girlfriends? Since you can’t go out on the town together, arrange a virtual knitting workshop at Wellknit Co. for up to 15 people. An instructor goes above and beyond knitting technique, giving you a relaxing experience by incorporating pranayama breathing and stretching techniques. Sign up for a workshop or check out the Wellknit Co. shop here.

Cool Toys for Kids

FuN Handmade Furniture

Looking to support moms, shop small and find a unique gift for the kids? Well, we’ve got the perfect small business for you! Lauren Evans, one of our Pretzel Kids yoga teachers, runs The Monarch Studio, which creates one-of-a-kind, custom made furniture for kids! Monarch Studio creates sensory bins, kids kitchens and more to keep your little ones busy with imaginative play. Order from her Etsy shop here

Sensory Toys

Kids learn best through exploration that engages the senses. For babies through big kids, Mamma May I has a collection of sensory toys that are made out of natural materials and make learning a natural part of play. Shop online here.

Candy Dispensers

A gift for kids, teens, and the kids-at-heart, OctoGifts created a fun, candy dispensing gift that is a cross between a 3D puzzle and a greeting card. Any description we have for it won’t do enough justice for this unique gift, so take a look for yourself here. 

The Gift of Self-Care

Self-Care Boxes

As we reach the end of a stressful year, moms and women can use a dose of some good-‘ole self-care. Cuddle Box, founded by high schooler Phoebe Chen, curates artisanal self-care products in a box. All of the items included are handcrafted, sustainable products such as charcoal masks, candles, lotions, bath bombs, stress balls, lip balm and more. Order a box from their online shop here.

Yummy in the Tummy


With custom flavors and designs, Om Cookies creates stamped, artisan shortbread cookies. They are made in small batches with love and attention, produced with minimal ingredients, and do not contain anything artificial. Shop online at Om Cookies to place your order. Let’s all say Om to that! 

The Wrap Up

There is still one thing we want to remind you about: All of these curated holiday gifts from women-owned businesses in our holiday gift guide 2020 help support female entrepreneurs and their families.

So, while you peruse this holiday gift guide to shop online for your loved ones, we hope you’ll consider supporting a small business. Happy holidays from all of us at Pretzel Kids yoga!

About Melody: Melody lives in Brimfield, Ma. with her husband, three children, and a deaf dog named Bruce. Through her business, Imperfect Joy Family Films, she preserves the simple joys of life through photography and filmmaking. She loves capturing families’ everyday moments because pictures and films have a unique way of putting us right back into the moment to relive memories. Melody believes everyone has a story that deserves to be remembered. Her work gives her the opportunity to change people’s lives for the better by giving them new eyes to see the beauty of life, exactly the way it is.

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