How EFT Tapping Can Improve Your Life

How EFT Tapping Can Improve Your Life

By Ana Garcia

Many people are dealing with hard times due to COVID-19 and lockdowns. Perhaps this includes you and your family. 

Whatever stress and anxiety you’re feeling, returning to normal life may be a long way off. 

You can, however, turn to yoga, meditation and mindfulness to help you navigate these difficult times. Some of the benefits of yoga include stress relief, physical exercise, and more.  Yoga is also a great activity to teach to children, and it’s even better if they’re still very young.

And while you’re considering yoga to help your kids deal with stress, you may also want to introduce EFT Tapping as a way to manage negativity and possibly even supplement the effects of yoga. Tapping can improve your life!

What is EFT Tapping? 

EFT Tapping is sort of like acupuncture without needles. Similar to yoga for kids, EFT consists of tapping the body, which activates energy points. 

Also known as Psychological Acupuncture, tapping was originally created with the purpose of treating specific issues a person wants to treat or improve. As stated above, some of those issues include: anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and other behavioral problems. Unlike traditional Chinese acupuncture, which can take years to master, tapping doesn’t require much education at all. With practice, you get to control how to best use this healing modality. 

There are many ways to start practicing EFT tapping. It can actually be easier than any other relaxation exercise you’ve ever done before. And it’s portable! What could be better than that? 

Jump right into these easy, beginner steps for EFT Tapping. Once you’ve learned the basics, here are 3 ways tapping can improve your life – and the lives of your kids: 

1. You’ll confront self-limiting beliefs

All of your stress and fear responses are controlled by a small area in the brain called the amygdala. Certain pressure techniques that stimulate the body’s meridian points can allow you to take back control of these responses. 

So, if you or your loved ones are triggered by ever-present and ruminating thoughts of unworthiness, self-loathing and hate, EFT Tapping can help you acknowledge these limiting beliefs. Recognizing these ideas and mental states before they become bigger and harder to ignore is the first step. After that, you can locate the areas of discomfort in your body, and tap those specific areas. 

The more you integrate EFT Tapping as a way to calm down and center yourself, the more you can get a handle on managing your negative self-talk. 

Tapping can also be a nice complement to meditation and yoga, and if you want more tips on how to reduce anxiety with yoga, read our story here.

2. It’ll help balance the body’s energy systems

We all have felt it! That feeling of your energy not being in tune with your own body – and with the energy of those around you. It happens even more frequently among young parents, or parents with babies and toddlers. 

Emotion is energy in motion, and it comes from your internal well-being as well as the world around you. EFT Tapping allows you to have, at absolutely no cost, a bodily restorative experience at just the tip of your fingers. And, tapping helps you conquer the imbalances that are affecting your day-to-day tasks and responsibilities. 

So, give it a try. Focus and believe in your process, and it will soon be a part of your mindfulness practice.

3. Tapping helps you let go of fear

The things that terrify us the most, especially irrational thoughts, can often seem huge, unbearable, and impossible to deal with. 

Fear can be crippling – to the point where it forbids us from doing things that might be normal for other people, like flying on a plane or having a pet. Fears often stem from deep-rooted childhood traumas, and require a little extra push from your support system, your therapist, and yourself to overcome.

To help you deal with your fears, try EFT Tapping while saying an affirmation, like “Even though I feel this way, I accept myself completely.” Repeat these words three times on each of the tapping points as you go through them. Take a big breath and stay still for a moment. Once you’re ready again, tap and recite your mantra in your head. Do this same process five to 7 times until you feel calm. Remember, it doesn’t really matter how fast you’re going, as long as you are connecting with your inner self.

Teach Tapping to Your Children

EFT Tapping can benefit and help children deal with their emotions in a healthy way early in life. And, it’s always a good idea to start raising more mindful children. 

EFT Tapping, in turn, can give kids important emotional tools that will help them later on, especially during those very confusing adolescent years. Eventually, they will grow up to be adults with a better sense of their own energies and their own light. Hopefully, they will also have meaningful relationships with people around them.

Finally, even if children don’t show any direct signs, they often fight their own internal battles as they deal with anxiety, their own shortcomings, and other complicated emotions they aren’t capable of identifying just yet. Tapping is something they can learn without memorizing complicated steps. It can also go hand-in-hand with yoga and mindfulness, especially as kids deal with stress during the coronavirus pandemic. 

What are you waiting for? Give EFT Tapping a try.

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