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Pretzel Kids Yoga Teacher Feature: Meet Danielle!

Danielle Bonaccorso Kids Yoga Teacher

Meet Danielle Bonaccorso, our October 2019 featured Pretzel Kids yoga teacher!

Danielle is a wife and a mom to two amazing children that keep her extremely busy!

She’s been teaching elementary school gifted and talented kids for more than a decade, and each day she looks forward to going to work! 

Teaching is Danielle’s passion and she enjoys all forms and fashions of educating kids. A few years ago she became interested in finding a way to relax and not stress so much. So, she began meditating and practicing yoga as a way to find clarity and focus.

Danielle, who lives in Nassau County, N.Y., recently became certified to teach mindfulness meditation and she now teaches mindfulness to children in the community.

Finding Pretzel Kids yoga was a blessing in disguise. Teaching children to enjoy the benefits of yoga movement and balance all while having fun is a dream come true! Needless to say, Danielle is very excited to be part of the Pretzel Kids family!

We were excited to talk to Danielle about her journey with Pretzel Kids yoga.

Here’s what she had to say:

Pretzel Kids: Tell us more about you.

Danielle: First and foremost I am a mom of two amazing children! My passion for yoga began many years ago. I was looking for a way to stay healthy and clear my mind. Years later, my daughter would join me!

For as long as I can remember, teaching has always been my passion. For the last 12 years I have been an enrichment teacher! Each and every day I get to experience students discovering new things and gaining new confidence along the way. I am fortunate enough to be able to have a career that I truly love!

Pretzel Kids: Tell me one fun fact about you!

Danielle: I love to cook, even though it doesn’t always come out so great!

Pretzel Kids: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Danielle: In my spare time I love to run, read, and practice yoga and mindfulness.

Pretzel Kids: We heard you took the Pretzel Kids Yoga Teacher Online Certification Course. What made you decide to take this course when you have many choices available?

Danielle: I loved the flexibility of the course. I was able to do it all on my own time! The Pretzel Kids yoga certification course is informative, easy to access and user friendly.

Pretzel Kids: What is your favorite thing about the Pretzel Kids Method?

Danielle: My favorite thing about the Pretzel Kids method is the way it helps me relate to children. The idea of having a theme they can relate to and enjoy truly makes it pleasurable to teach kids yoga.

Pretzel Kids: Do you feel prepared to teach children’s yoga?

Danielle: After learning the Pretzel Kids yoga method, I definitely feel prepared to teach children’s yoga. I am currently a mindfulness meditation teacher and this course lends itself to my love of mindfulness! 

Pretzel Kids: Where do you live and where would you like to teach Pretzel Kids yoga in your community? 

Danielle: I live in Nassau County in New York. I would like to teach yoga at our local dance studio, South Shore School of Dance in Massapequa, NY. I would love to spread my passion for yoga to the children in the community! 

Pretzel Kids: How do you hope to make a positive impact with the Pretzel Kids yoga curriculum?

Danielle: I hope to bring a sense of peace and love of yoga and self to the children.

Pretzel Kids: You’ve now had the opportunity to create a couple of Pretzel Kids yoga lesson plans. What is this creative process like? Do the lesson plans make teaching easier and what do the kids think?

Danielle: The creative process is fun and engaging. There are so many avenues to go down! I especially love creating lessons based on seasons! I think the children are in the mindset and they can instantly relate.

Pretzel Kids: How did you hear about Pretzel Kids yoga? Would you recommend the course to friends, moms, childcare providers and yoga teachers? Why?

Danielle: I was researching different programs and this one felt right. I would definitely recommend the Pretzel Kids yoga teacher training to friends!

Pretzel Kids: What’s your favorite Pretzel Kids pose?

Danielle: The frog pose!

Pretzel Kids: What’s your favorite Pretzel Kids yoga game? What’s your favorite Pretzel Kids yoga theme? 

Danielle: My favorite game is the Happiness Bubble! Kids LOVE this game! My favorite theme is the ocean theme!!!

Pretzel Kids: What’s your favorite food (just for fun!)

Danielle: Butternut squash! 

Thank you Danielle and we wish you continued success! 

Editor’s note: Are you interested in taking the Pretzel Kids online certification course and learning how to run successful classes like Danielle? We’d love to talk to you and help you create a lucrative side hustle teaching kids yoga! We can’t wait for you to join our Pretzel Kids yoga family! You can learn more about the Pretzel Kids Method here.

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