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How to be the Best Kids Yoga Teacher and Land Teaching Gigs

By Jeanell Birk

You have been dreaming of becoming a kids yoga teacher for what seems like forever. And, you completed your children’s yoga teacher training! Better yet, you’ve just landed your first yoga teaching gig! 

Now what?! 

Have you been struck with fear and anxiety on how to teach kids yoga? Are these thoughts running through your monkey mind: What if your students don’t enjoy your class? What if you can’t keep their attention or interest? Will you even be any good at this long-awaited yoga teaching dream of yours? 

Luckily for you, we’ve got some helpful tips on how to improve your skills teaching yoga, as well as how to be teach kids yoga classes and be successful at it! 

Read on to learn how to be the best kids yoga teacher.

1. Embrace your inner child and have fun! 

Remember what being a child was like? Kids love to play and move their bodies. They also love to play games and use their imaginations. 

Think back to your childhood: What were your favorite games? Why did you enjoy those games or activities? Did you feel connected to your peers? Did you enjoy any competitive aspect? Or did you just love achieving success with personal challenges that were either physical or mental? 

Children love to be challenged and they love to succeed as well! Think of teaching as a chance to teach new yoga poses, mindfulness activities and other relaxation techniques – in a fun and engaging way. Be present, patient, and playful. Help your students feel like they are experiencing the class together and connecting as a whole. 

Some ideas: Perhaps start with a fun “ice-breaker” or arrange the mats in a circular pattern. Or, let each child contribute something to the class that helps them feel a part of the experience. Most importantly, remember why you wanted to become a kids yoga teacher in the first place. Doing yoga is good for your physical and mental health, but it’s also fun! With this in mind, make sure that your excitement for teaching is apparent.

2. Keep it simple and have an age-appropriate lesson plan mapped out 

To be a successful kids yoga teacher, it’s important to have a class outline written out and visible to you throughout the class. There’s nothing worse than “winging it” when it comes to teaching a children’s yoga class, or creating a lesson plan for the wrong age group. The class won’t be much fun if it’s not geared to the specific age and abilities of the children in the group. 

Also, keep the yoga poses and flow sequences simple. The goal is to make your classes accessible for all. This way the children will feel confident in their abilities. Having a plan prior to beginning the class takes away the unknowns and gives you a clear direction throughout your kids yoga class.

3. Get certified to teach kids yoga with a proven teaching method like Pretzel Kids! 

To enroll in a proven online kids yoga teacher training is probably the most important tip to help you become a successful kids yoga teacher. Why? Because this will set your foundation and roots for teaching children’s yoga. 

The Pretzel Kids Method was developed by educators, which is why it works for children. When you learn to teach kids yoga from a program that has a proven teaching method, you will already have all of the necessary teaching tools at your disposal, along with excellent network support! 

Having a network of support allows you to receive advice and help from other Pretzel Kids teachers who have been in your shoes. One more thing to remember: Pretzel Kids yoga was created with the student at heart and is designed to make teaching easy for you and fun for the kids! 

4. Center yourself prior to the class 

It’s important that you also practice meditation and mindfulness – before teaching your classes. You can do this on your own, with your children, or in a class. For example, perhaps you can take a yoga class online with a teacher you admire, or participate in a yoga class with another Pretzel Kids teacher. This might help you remember what it feels like to learn something new. And a beginner’s mind is important when it comes to teaching yoga!

5. Do a practice run for your first kids yoga class 

Prior to teaching your first yoga class, seek out some willing friends to “practice teach.” You can even do this online via Zoom! This will help you work out any kinks that may arise before you teach your actual class. Be sure to ask your friends for honest feedback at the end of the class. This way, if need be, you can adjust your lesson plan accordingly. At the same time, this will help you release some of those “first class butterfly jitters” before you teach your kids yoga class! 

6. Love what you do; do what you love! 

Your love for yoga and mindfulness will shine through in your teaching, and this will inspire the kids to love yoga as well. 

We all know that kids usually do as we do, and not just as we say. So, share with them your favorite kids yoga poses or mindfulness activities for kids. Maybe you can pick out a yoga pose that you have personally found challenging and have been working on for some time, like dancer pose or tree pose. 

Lead by example as yoga isn’t about a final result, but rather a process of learning and discovery. And, perhaps this is the most important lesson that you instill in your students. 

Are you ready to teach kids yoga?

Teaching yoga to kids is an incredible opportunity to positively shape future generations with proven physical and mental benefits. Plus, teaching kids yoga reminds you to pause, connect, and embrace the present moment. 

Hopefully these 6 teaching tips will not only help you be the best kids yoga teacher possible, but also inspire and encourage your yoga teaching journey along the way. 

Final pro tip: If you want to learn a proven method to become a kids yoga teacher, check out the Pretzel Kids Yoga Teacher Training and Membership, and get started right now. What are you waiting for?

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