How to do EFT Tapping in 5 Easy Steps

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By Collette Schildkraut

You may have heard of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). 

Also called EFT Tapping, this is a healing modality that can help ease anxiety and stress

But, did you know that teaching children how to do EFT/Tapping can help them process emotions? Tapping can also help kids deal with the inevitable frustrations of life, and help them regulate their feelings when unexpected things and events get thrown their way. 

What can EFT Tapping help with?

What are some specific emotions and anxieties EFT Tapping can help regulate and manage? Take a look: 

– Fear

– Sadness

– Stress

– Worries

– Anxiety

– Performance ability

– Confidence 

Here’s how to do EFT Tapping in 5 easy steps

Now that you know why EFT/Tapping is important, it’s time to learn how to do Tapping on yourself and your kids. 

To help you and your children practice Tapping, here’s how to do Tapping in 5 easy steps: 

Step 1: Find the feeling.

Ask your child: Where are you feeling a particular emotion? In your heart space? In your head? Are you feeling it in your tummy, chest, or throat?

No matter how big or small the feeling is, it’s important to find it.

Then, ask your child the following questions: 

– How does it feel?

– Are you angry, sad, embarrassed, lonely, worried, or nervous? 

– Do you feel like no one sees you? 

– Have you been treated unfairly?

Next, use your hands to measure the size of the feeling. Think of this as if you just caught a fish. Hold up your hands, spread them apart and say is it “this big?”

Step 2: Tap on the karate chop point and say the worry.

Move through these various Tapping points:

– Eyebrow

– Side of eye

– Under the eye

– Under the nose

– Chin

– Collarbone

– Under the arm

– Top of head

As you tap on these points (see diagram), use the child’s own words to express the worry at hand. For example:

– I’m so worried about XYZ

– This makes me so mad

– This is not fair

– I’m so angry

Continue this with any and all the negative feelings. Remember: you can’t do this wrong.

Step 3: Go through the points again with a more neutral tone.

Once again, do EFT Tapping on all the key points but this time, restate the worries.

For example: 

– It’s ok

– I don’t have to worry

– It will all work out

– Everything will be ok

Step 4: The fun part!   

Kids have amazing imaginations. This is the time when you can help them tap into their creative powers.

So, in this round, you can do Tapping while expressing whatever you want the outcome to be.

For example, once I went to a party that I was nervous about attending. In my final Tapping round, I said to myself:

I’m the prettiest in the room, everyone loves me, I’m the funniest person there, people are drawn to me like a magnet.

Seriously, I went wild! It would have been embarrassing if anyone heard me, but 

no one knew what I said.

I went to that party and had an amazing time. Over the next few days, I received so many compliments that seemed a bit odd – until I remembered that I had done EFT/Tapping!

Step 5: Focus on how your child feels now.

You’ll probably see that your child feels better now. Honestly, EFT Tapping is that simple and that amazing.

While you can always do more rounds, measuring the feeling again after Tapping can help your child realize the benefits of EFT/Tapping

Final Words

Now that you know how to do Tapping in five easy steps, I recommend starting a daily routine. 

For example, perhaps you and your kids can practice Tapping at the end of day to release any worries or fears. Or, you can do Tapping in the morning to visualize an amazing day.

I’ll leave you with this, like yoga for kids and mindfulness activities for children, EFT Tapping can help children deal with anxiety and stress. 

I once dealt with a little boy who had anxiety about going to school. The stress was was getting worse and worse, and his parents had tried everything. While they had looked at all aspects of why he didn’t like to go to school, they never really got an answer.

But they did start EFT Tapping.

Every night they tapped at bedtime, without any pressure. Sometimes the boy talked about his day and sometimes he didn’t, but they tapped anyway.

In the morning, they also tapped, They made it fun.

Overtime, school became much easier for him and he gained important new mindfulness skills to use whenever he felt overwhelmed. Tapping was like his superpower.

Are you ready to give EFT Tapping a try?

You can learn more about Tapping here and how to teach yoga for kids here.

About the author: Collette Schildkraut is a married mother of three grown children and dogs. She’s from England and has lived in New York for over 25 years. (she moved to the U.S. in a snowstorm and the winters still horrify her). Collette is an EFT practitioner and teaches stress management workshops in schools and corporate settings. She is also an RTT Hypnotherapy Practitioner. You can learn more about Collette and tapping on her YouTube channel here. 

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