Introducing: The Pretzel Kids Method and Pretzel Kids Teacher Association!

Our Yoga Certification Course and Membership Community Will Help You Succeed as a Kids Yoga Teacher

By Robyn Parets, Founder & CEO of Pretzel Kids

It’s finally time to spill the beans.

We can now officially announce the brand new Pretzel Kids Method Certification Course and Pretzel Kids Teacher Association (PkTA)

This new yoga instructor training program and membership is open for enrollment today, and is specifically designed to help YOU become a successful children’s yoga instructor. 

Why are we launching this now? 

Because kids and teens need yoga more than ever before. That’s the simple answer. 

Read on to learn more about the new Pretzel Kids Method and PkTA, and why now is the right time for this program and for YOU to join us!

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What Do You Get with the Pretzel Kids Method and PkTA? 

The Pretzel Kids Method and PkTA is an all-in-one children’s yoga training and success program. You get our proven training and curriculum, plus the PkTA. Why both? 

Because…We have found that teachers succeed better with ongoing support, teaching gigs, and learning resources – and this is exactly what we offer (plus way more!)

Here’s What Comes with Your Pretzel Kids Yoga Teacher Certification:

  • The 12-hour Pretzel Kids Method training so you can start teaching kids yoga right away!
  • The licensing rights to our branding and marketing materials so you don’t have to think about things business owners toil over for months.
  • Your own teacher profile on our web platform so you’re easy to find.
  • Access to our Hire a Teacher and Find a Class locators so that you reach a wide audience ready to hire you and book your classes.
  • Ongoing teacher trainings and meetups with our founder (that’s ME!) – long after you complete your course.
  • Monthly themed yoga lesson plans delivered right to you!
  • FREE adult yoga classes with our virtual studio partner so you can prioritize your own self-care (Let’s say OM to that!)
  • Access to our team and our exclusive private community of successful Pretzel Kids teachers for support when you need it. 
  • Discounts on related services like yoga insurance.
  • The ability to teach for Pretzel Kids and get direct job bookings and referrals. 
  • And SO much more!

Plus, Rolled Back Pricing for the Rest of 2021!

We know how hard this past year has been and that’s why we decided to offer you our kids yoga-in-a-box course plus PkTA for the absolute lowest pricing. In addition, we’re giving you a monthly or yearly option (the annual option is the best deal and we’re even throwing in our ‘How to Teach Yoga to Kids with Special Needs’ course for FREE!)

As many of you know, we’re not the lowest priced kids course out there. BUT, we offer high value and service above all. In fact, you won’t find ongoing support like we offer ANYWHERE else. 

And that’s priceless. 

But here’s the thing: Our new pricing structure now gives you a two-fer: Affordability and the utmost highest value. Not to mention that we are in the business of helping you earn more money as a yoga teacher because, well, you deserve it!?

We Listened to You. This is the Right Time for the PkTA

Over the past 15 months, we’ve been deeply engaged with our teachers and we’ve used this time to also listen to parents, school administrators and our partners. 

And, with the world opening back up again and kids needing our program and classes more than ever before, we know this is the right time for an even better Pretzel Kids. 

What’s in a Name? Everything!

So, let’s talk about exactly why we picked the name PkTA for our new and improved membership program.

In a nutshell, we did our research and our former membership name did not accurately reflect who we are and what our community is all about. 

We are a network of Pretzel Kids yoga teachers with a mission to help toddlers, children and teens relax, move, breathe, get fit, learn yoga, feel good about their own individual accomplishments, and have fun! 

The Pretzel Kids Teacher Association (PkTA) is who we are. Plus, IMHO, the PTA, err PkTA, is a pretty awesome acronym that everyone ‘gets’!

Rising Up and Banding Together 

Now that you know what comes with the program and why we’re changing things up, I’d like to dive in a little deeper and tell you more about why we’re launching this now (yes, kids and teens need yoga more than ever before, but there’s more to it than that.)

Now is the time to build back, for many of you. It’s also a time to band together. 

We rose to the occasion in 2020 and 2021, and we now need to help our teachers get back into the classrooms, camps, gyms, studios and wherever kids congregate!

We Do Things Differently

We learned a ton during the COVID-19 pandemic. And we adapted to a new way of teaching – fast.

Literally overnight we shuttered all of our classes in schools, gyms and other facilities. 

Yet, we had to figure out a way to keep our classes going – and keep our instructors teaching! 


So, we got right to work and by April 2020, we inked partnerships with several edtech, yoga, and wellness companies. All of these companies and brands wanted to offer our content, curriculum and branded Pretzel Kids classes.

With a little ingenuity and a ton of blood, sweat and tears, we were able to offer online teaching opportunities to our instructors on all of these digital platforms and apps, including Outschool, GoNoodle, Ompractice, and KidPass – to name just a few. 

That was part one. 

Part two was creating curriculum and new lesson plans that would keep students engaged in our virtual yoga classes. To do this, we led training sessions with our member Pretzel Kids teachers, provided them with the teaching resources, and started running our classes virtually. 


Our online Pretzel Kids classes were a big hit! Our curriculum, classes, and lesson plans effectively kept kids and teens engaged and having fun practicing yoga – from their homes! ?

And while we’ll continue to work with our partners for online delivery of youth yoga classes, we’re excited to teach in-person again, and look forward to working with new partner schools and organizations. 

There’s Power in Community. There’s Power in a Trusted Brand.

We had to be nimble and flexible (yoga puns intended) over the past 15 months, as I’m sure you did too. 

We are emerging stronger as we learned how much more we can accomplish when we rise together.

Here’s another thing that became crystal clear to us: There is power in a trusted brand. And Pretzel Kids IS a trusted brand in the kids yoga space.

Organizations of all sizes come to us for our proven curriculum and classes to help kids learn yoga, get fit, calm down and destress. 

Parents come to us and our teachers when they need an instructor for their child’s birthday party, to teach a class for neighborhood kids, to run community programs and more. 

Schools and camps come to us when looking to bring kids yoga into their schools and facilities. 

Why? Because we deliver. Our curriculum works. Our teachers are highly skilled. 

There’s power in the Pretzel Kids brand and there’s power in our community of teachers. 

And, we plan to continue creating resources and opening up doors for our instructors. Because here’s the thing: The more teachers we serve, the more kids we help. 

Together we RISE.

Welcome to the PkTA. We hope to see YOU at our next meeting (on Zoom, of course!)

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