How to Keep Kids Active in the Winter

Updated: January 19, 2023

By Robyn Parets, founder of Pretzel Kids

Are you wondering: How to keep kids active in the winter?

We hear you! 

Whether you’re looking for winter activities for toddlers or fun children’s yoga classes, we’ve put together our top guide with 11 ideas on how to keep kids active in winter and over school vacation weeks. Read on to learn more.

How to Keep Kids Active in the Winter

Top Outdoor Winter Activities for Preschoolers

1. Build a Snowman

Ok, we understand this may not be doable if you live in a warm climate, but if snow is nearby, it’s fun, fun, fun to build a snowman! You can get creative and use a carrot for the nose, an old hat, a scarf, and other items from around the house to dress up your snowman.

But wait: no snow? No worries! You can take this activity indoors and make a mini snowman out of construction paper. The kids can hang their creations around the house and these pieces of art will never melt away.

2. Practice kids yoga poses outside

Even if it’s cold outside, preschoolers and toddlers can warm up fast by doing kids yoga poses outside! If you don’t know how to guide your kids with yoga poses, you can always arrange a neighborhood yoga class. Whether you’re up for inviting the neighborhood kids over or just want to keep it within the family, kids yoga is a great way to gain amazing mental and physical health benefits all at once. 

3. Go Ice Skating

If possible to skate outdoors, this is a great option for keeping kids active (just make sure the ice is safe!) No outdoor ice? No problem! Many ice skating rinks offer free admission and inexpensive rentals, so explore the opportunities in your area. Skating often tops the list of Christmas vacation activities! Don’t forget to bring along your favorite snacks and insulated mugs of hot chocolate in order to save money on the rink’s concessions.

4. Take the Kids Sledding 

Sledding requires hills and lots of snow, so if you live in the Northeast or the Rocky Mountain states, you’re in luck as this is a great outdoor activity for school vacation. And if there’s no snow in your town, perhaps you can turn this into a day trip and drive up to nearby snowy terrain. All you need is a sled to get going. If you don’t have one, you can even make one out of yoga mats, trash can lids, and even big pieces of cardboard! So, find a slope as your snowy day adventure awaits!

How to Keep Kids Active in the Winter

How to KeeP Kids Active In the Winter While at Home

5. Online kids yoga classes

Do you find yourself using Google to search for ‘kids yoga near me’? You’re not alone! Keeping kids active at home is key – and hard, especially when it’s cold out. For this reason, virtual children’s yoga classes are a great way to help kids keep moving and destress at the same time. Whether you’re looking for online yoga classes for preschoolers or teens (and every age in-between), look no further than Pretzel Kids – offering yoga for all ages from your warm living room!

6. Build a fort

This is an awesome indoor activity for children. Grab the following from room to room in your house: blankets, pillows, tents, chairs, puffs, and even Christmas lights! This way you can turn your fort into a magical little space for the entire family. Once you’ve created a fort, you can enjoy a movie, have a snack, or even a group nap. 

7. Play hide and seek

This is the simplest of games, and yet hide and seek can turn into a very exciting time for your little ones! To start, encourage the kiddos to find original (and safe) places to hide. Perhaps they can hide under a pile of clothes or behind the couch. Get the whole family involved and break up your day! 

Indoor Activities for Kids 

8. Decorate Masks

If you’re looking for indoor activities, this one might be for you. Since it seems like COVID-19 will be with us for the foreseeable future, why not accessorize your mask! Try buying or making your own masks, and then gather up every piece of winter-themed bling you can find. Sequins shaped like snowflakes? Fabric pens in white and blue? Iron-on decals of snowmen? You could even turn this into a contest to see who in your family can make the coolest mask!

9. Get Baking!

Now is the perfect time to bake a yummy treat! The best part: No planning necessary as you can find things to bake in your own kitchen and pantry

Once you have the ingredients ready, it’s time to make some healthy snacks. And just think: the whole family gets to eat the yummy things you bake.

10. music and kids yoga classes and camps

While we’ve already mentioned online kids yoga, specialty yoga camps offer another fun activity, especially during school vacation weeks!

11. Read books together 

Story time has got to be one of the best winter activities for toddlers! Simply gather your kids in a comfortable space and grab a book and start reading a story. This is also a great way to introduce children to books about racism and diversity or teach them about mindfulness with books about mindfulness. Reading is the perfect activity any day of the year! 

Fun Winter Activities for the Whole Family

Whether you’re looking for winter outdoor learning activities, kids yoga classes, or the best ways for keeping kids active – we’ve got you covered! And here’s another pro tip: Did you know Pretzel Kids has an Etsy store with affordable and awesome printable activities including Animal Yoga Poses and Mindfulness Activities, The Mindful 3-Jar Activity Pack, Winter Fun Activities, and so many more!

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