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Real Talk about Kids Yoga and Mindfulness

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By Robyn Parets

Have you ever stopped to think about your WHY?

Why do you do the work you do?

Why do you live where you live?

Why do you practice yoga?

Why do you teach kids yoga?

Why should you meditate?

Why, why, why???

Most of us don’t ever really ponder our WHY. 

WHY is this? Because it forces us to really ponder life. It’s much easier to just go through the motions. Right?

With this said, knowing your WHY – or even starting to ask yourself important questions – is super important. It gets you off the hamster wheel of life.

To ponder your WHY, you need to be present, you need to practice mindfulness and you need to think about your higher purpose. 

I did just that last week when I sat down with Amanda Houle, parenting expert and now a Pretzel Kids yoga teacher. 

Amanda is the host of Parenting with a Punch podcast and I was honored to be featured on this REAL TALK episode about WHY I started Pretzel Kids yoga, and the benefits of yoga and mindfulness for kids.

To listen in on this episode (now available on Stitcher, iTunes and Spotify), >>>>HEAD OVER HERE! 

Editor’s Note: You can learn more about Parenting with a Punch Podcast Host Amanda Houle and her journey teaching Pretzel Kids yoga over here. 

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