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Pros and Cons of Kids Yoga Teacher Training Programs

How to Become a Yoga Instructor

Updated: April 25, 2022

By Brooke Weber, content writer

So, you’ve decided to become a kids yoga teacher. That’s great news! But, now what?

How do you go about getting a certification to teach children’s yoga and where exactly do you learn how to teach engaging classes that children will be begging their parents to take them to?

Which of the many children’s yoga training program are worth it? How do you know what to invest your time and money into? With so many training programs out there, how do you pick one? It is enough to make your head spin!

BUT, not to worry! We have come up with a list of the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the TOP kid’s yoga teacher training courses out there today – to help you narrow down your choices and make an informed decision that you can feel good about.

Regardless of why you want to teach children’s yoga, you may have noticed that, during the coronavirus pandemic, more yoga studios and 200-hour yoga teacher training programs created accessible, online courses. This is fantastic, but let’s be realistic…..It’s not easy to dedicate 200-hours to a training course, right?

A Comparison Guide: The Pros and Cons of Top Kids Yoga Teacher Trainings

Here’s the good news: You do NOT have to complete a 200-hour yoga certification course to teach children’s yoga! In fact. you can start your own business teaching kids yoga in a weekend with the 12-hour Pretzel Kids Method Course!

Sounds great, right?

And, just to make sure you are able to view all your options, we’re here to help you compare and choose the best kids yoga teacher training for you. We’ve done the research for you with this comparison guide: How to Become a Yoga Instructor: Pros and Cons of Top Kids Yoga Teacher Training Programs! Give it a read so that you can pick the best children’s yoga course for you!

Pretzel Kids Yoga – Our #1 Pick, of Course!


We think Pretzel Kids yoga is a pretty great place for aspiring and experienced yoga teachers to begin – or expand – their careers with children’s yoga. It’s a great way to build a side hustle and who knows, you could be the next Cosmic Kids Yoga! Pretzel Kids founder Robyn Parets has 20 years of experience teaching kids yoga. She also owned a 200-hour yoga teacher training and yoga studio for more than a decade.

Now, Parets runs Pretzel Kids Yoga full-time and advises women in business, as well as supports Pretzel Kids member yoga teachers who want to grow their classes. She’s pulled together a stellar team with vast experience in training kids yoga teachers.

Plus, Pretzel Kids offers the only online branded kids yoga web marketplace in the industry. On the Pretzel Kids website,, parents can find local kids yoga classes and instructors, yoga studios and schools can hire teachers, and you can become a certified Pretzel Kids yoga instructor!

Pretzel Kids – which offers continuing ed credits through Yoga Alliance, NASM, AFAA and NETA – offers weekend trainings and an online digital program. And, the Pretzel Kids Method offers much more than just a one-off teacher training program. It is a fully immersive kids yoga business-in-a-box program via the Pretzel Kids Teacher Association (PktA).

With the Pretzel Kids Method and PkTA combined, you get so many AMAZING perks, including:

  • The license to use the awesome Pretzel Kids brand name for your own classes/studio (in other words, you’ll be a licensed Pretzel Kids instructor!)
  • An immersive private community
  • Ongoing in-person AND virtual lesson plans and teaching resources
  • Zoom Lunch and Learn trainings
  • Marketing support, templates and plans, and more!

Plus, Pretzel Kids offers ALL of its member teachers the opportunity to teach directly for one of the many new Pretzel Kids partner platforms and corporate contracts, giving you more opportunities to teach!

Want to learn more about how you can start a Pretzel Kids yoga business without any hefty fees? You can schedule a call with Pretzel Kids Founder Robyn Parets and chat with her directly!

And – here’s the cherry on top – you can go from having a basic knowledge of yoga to becoming a full-fledged Pretzel Kids yoga teacher and member in just 12 hours. That’s right! No prerequisites, no lengthy training program, no special skills needed – it just takes 12 hours or less to learn the Pretzel Kids Method, and you’re good to go.

Why go through hoops and spend 95 hours in a children’s yoga teacher training program when you don’t have to? Yup, with Pretzel Kids you can take the fast-track and start your kids yoga business immediately!  

You could be up and running in less than a week!


If you’re looking to take a yoga teacher training at a local yoga studio, you may not find one right in your area. But Pretzel Kids does offer weekend trainings if you want to travel to one. They also offer ongoing support long after you finish your certification course.

If you choose to take the Pretzel Kids Method course digitally (don’t worry – it’s so easy to follow and designed to be online!) it’s recommended that you use a computer, as it’s often hard to train using a phone (while some may not consider this a ‘con’, it’s important for you to have a bit of technical know-how). 

Cosmic Kids Yoga Teacher Training School


If you’re looking for a training program that’s totally based around your own schedule, you’re in luck – Cosmic Kids’ yoga teacher training course is done through training videos and downloadable content.

You’ll get an overview of how to teach kids yoga, including over 115 poses, a certification and lifetime access to the materials, and a crash course in kids’ development. Curious, but don’t want to commit just yet? Try taking a free 30-minute coaching session and see how Cosmic Kids works. 


If you’re craving an in-person connection with your yoga teaching community, this might not be your top choice. Although there is an online group of fellow teachers to connect with, may only get to interact with the company’s founder via a short video once you’ve completed the program. On top of this, you still need to pay for each lesson plan you want to use, even if you’ve already taken the training course.

Plus you can NOT use the brand Cosmic Kids to market your classes as this program does not offer a licensing option. 

Little Flower Yoga Online & In-Person Course


Are you a lover of good vibes? Are you passionate about inclusivity? Consider getting your yoga teacher certification with Little Flower Yoga. This company is all about keeping up with the times – they routinely adjust their training programs to align with current research and yoga developments.

Plus, they develop their courses with every kind of teacher and every kind of kid in mind. Teachers, therapists, counselors and more all count themselves as Little Flower Yoga trainees, and the company offers courses that focus specifically on how to teach chair yoga and address trauma in a yoga environment. There are three different training levels in which you’re able to enroll. Both online and in-person training options are usually available.


Although Little Flower Yoga hires some of their trainees as teachers for their School Yoga Project and provides workbooks and other activities, this program isn’t designed to lead teachers into the business world.

Little Flower Yoga is also fairly new to the online training game, although their in-person trainings have been around since 2006. 

Flow and Grow Kids Yoga


With classes on how to teach kids mindfulness at school, yoga philosophy and more, Flow and Grow Kids Yoga is great for lovers of emotional intelligence.

The company’s website is filled with colorful, inclusive tools for teaching kids yoga, including flashcards for different poses and moods, games, and even ways to tie in yoga with other learning areas, like math and literacy.

You can train with Flow and Grow either with pre-recorded videos or in a live session.

Flow and Grow also offers a wide range of specific workshop classes.


If you sign up for Flow and Grow’s basic training, a course that lasts 18 hours, you might leave with the knowledge of how to teach kids yoga, but you’d have to continue on to the 95 hour option to get the full certification.

Plus, the only business support they offer is a separate class that lasts roughly 2.5 hours. 

Kidding Around Yoga


If you’re looking for a well-established kids yoga company, Kidding Around might be a good choice for you.

They’re Yoga Alliance-registered and offer many types of children’s yoga training courses, from online classes that you can complete at your own pace, to live virtual programs, to in-person courses.

Plus, if you’re into music and singing songs, the trainings will teach you how to access original music written by Kidding Around’s founder for use with various activities.  


On the other hand, Kidding Around is relatively large, meaning it might be a bit difficult to make your voice heard among a sea of similar instructors.

They also don’t directly market yoga classes to parents so if you want visibility for your classes, you’re mostly on your own.

kids yoga teacher training

Rainbow Yoga Training Course


If you’re a jet-setter looking for an international yoga teacher training program, you’ve landed in the right place. Rainbow Yoga offers unique 4-day trainings available in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Europe and Mexico.

These trainings are completed over two weekends back-to-back. You don’t need much experience with yoga to start learning, and there are lots of different options to make sure you get the training that’s right for you – if the 4-day option doesn’t click, self-paced online classes are also provided, and in-person trainings are typically offered as well.


While Rainbow offers a lot of learning options, even the basic level of self-paced kids teacher training requires 50 hours of work, and the second level requires a whopping 95 hours!

If you don’t complete these hours within six months of your registration date, you won’t be given unlimited access to Rainbow’s extra resources, like pose guides and community connections. (Pro tip: you don’t need 50 or 95 hours of training to teach kids yoga. While we highly recommend a children’s yoga teacher training, it’s not even required to teach kids yoga. To learn more about this, head over here.)

Are you Ready to Sign Up for a Kids Yoga Teacher Training Course?

We know you have a lot to think about, but just remember – look for more than just the lowest price when choosing a kids teacher training. Why? A lower price doesn’t mean you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Instead, choose the yoga teacher training course that offers you high value. Most importantly, choose the kids yoga teacher training that is right for you and your needs.

While every training program is unique and they all have their pros and cons, what works for someone else may not work for you.

The best advice we can give is to do your research and choose the certification program that will set you up for success.

You can do this! The kids are waiting for YOU! ?

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