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Pretzel Kids and Ompractice Help You Do Yoga at hOMe

Pretzel Kids and Ompractice Help You Do Yoga at hOMe

Furthering our mission to both offer online children’s yoga classes to families and help our kids yoga teachers earn a living, Pretzel Kids has partnered with Ompractice, a leading digital yoga platform loved by teachers, studios, individual students, large organizations and multiple health providers across the world.

“Our kids yoga class locator page is the busiest page on our Pretzel Kids website, even in the wake of COVID-19. This shows us that parents around the world are looking for online children’s yoga classes,” said Pretzel Kids Founder Robyn Parets.

“In turn, Pretzel Kids is doing our best to meet the high demand by partnering with industry leaders, like Ompractice, in the virtual group yoga space,” said Parets. 

Sam Tackeff, co-founder of, is likewise excited to team up with Pretzel Kids for virtual classes for kids and families, helping more people do yoga at home.

“We’ve been delighted to partner with Pretzel Kids with our shared missions of providing great high-quality (and FUN!) yoga to kids and families wherever they are,” said Tackeff.

Pretzel Kids Yoga Meets Online Kids Yoga Class Demand

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit, Pretzel Kids yoga has been at the forefront of helping families navigate this difficult time.

We’ve accomplished this via our online kids yoga classes, our mini-course for parents on How to Teach Mindfulness to Kids, and our Pretzel Kids Yoga Teacher Certification Course and Membership, which allows you to train online and join our instructor network to earn more money teaching kids yoga classes.  

Teaming up with Ompractice helps us further this mission, said Parets, who is excited to partner with another mission-driven company based in Massachusetts.

Tackeff agrees, adding: “On a personal note, it’s also a privilege to work with another Massachusetts-based, woman-owned startup.”

“We all rise when we work together to serve our communities – this partnership was a no-brainer, and we’re always looking to work with great people with shared values,” said Tackeff.

Pretzel Kids yoga classes on Ompractice kick off the week of June 1 with two offerings:

1. Intro to Vinyasa for ages 8-13 with Pretzel Kids Teachers Kim Howard and Ali Andelman

2. Family yoga with Pretzel Kids yoga Founder Robyn Parets

Get Your Kids Moving Outdoors

We bet you’re thinking: Summer is almost here. School’s almost done. It’s time to get the kids outside.

We get it and we agree with you!

That’s why we think classes with Pretzel Kids and Ompractice are the perfect way to get your kids moving outside, while still practicing safe social distancing. 

That’s right. Just take your laptop outside, roll out your yoga mat and get moving! 

While your kids may need to watch our teachers on the screen for guidance and inspiration, Ompractice and Pretzel Kids are seasoned veterans in the online yoga space. We know how to offer clear cues via a two-way video platform. This means that as long as we can see you (and your kids), they can focus on their yoga practice – without staring at a computer screen. 

Here are some tips from Ompractice on how to make the most out of your virtual classes

Indeed, online kids yoga is a great way to offer a safe alternative to a children’s yoga class during the coronavirus pandemic. Are you ready to join in the yoga fun?

About Ompractice

Since 2017, Massachusetts-based Ompractice has provided virtual group yoga and wellness classes for individuals and organizations at scale. For far too long, proven practices like yoga were overlooked as a solution to massive population health issues due to the impracticality of scaling the in-person experience. Ompractice removes the geographic, financial, and inclusivity barriers to high-quality yoga and its many benefits and outcomes.  

About Pretzel Kids Yoga

Pretzel Kids® is quickly becoming the premier children’s yoga brand in the burgeoning mindfulness and yoga space. Also based in Massachusetts, Pretzel Kids® brings curriculum-based kids yoga classes to families nationwide, and delivers an online teacher training and subscription membership that empowers parents and educators to run successful classes in their communities.

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