Pretzel Kids Yoga Offers Online Kids Yoga Classes with Outschool

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Pretzel Kids® Yoga Offers Online Kids Yoga Classes with Outschool

Virtual learning is nothing new to Pretzel Kids® yoga. 

We’ve been offering online kids yoga classes for years, as well as our online children’s yoga training course. In fact, our flagship online Pretzel Kids Yoga Teacher Certification Course and Start, Build & Grow a Pretzel Kids Yoga Business membership program have helped hundreds of people start side hustles teaching our curriculum-based kids yoga classes! 

Yet, none of us expected this rapid shift to learning online. All of a sudden – ready or not – we are now experiencing virtual learning like never before. All the while, many of you may be struggling to find a new career. And, all of us are doing our best to stay healthy and safe. 

Since school closures began in March, there have been extreme disruptions to “normal” life for many kids. For this reason, Pretzel Kids Yoga quickly jumped in to help families and kids dealing with ensuing anxiety and stress. We scaled up our online kids yoga classes, and brought on several new Pretzel Kids instructors to teach these virtual classes – ranging from mindfulness training for teens, to Kinderyoga® drop-in classes for the littlest yogis, to Pretzel Kids Yoga for Every Child.

Try New Pretzel Kids classes with Outschool 

So, what’s the latest evolution of our new mission to offer YOU more online kids yoga classes? 

We’ve teamed up with Outschool, a leading marketplace of live online classes for kids and teens. Outschool classes meet in small groups over live video chat. 

Live online group classes, in turn, have the benefits of online learning for access and convenience. Outschool’s team and community of teachers have more expertise in this type of learning than any other U.S.-based organization – with 80,000 students attending more than 300,000 class hours.

Together, Outschool and Pretzel Kids provide online kids yoga classes for families dealing with a complete shut-down of both schools and after-school/weekend activities. These are all places for critical connections, exploration, creativity, collaboration and self-esteem. 

This loss is an acute one. That’s why we’re excited that our new partnership with Outschool allows our teachers – located in different parts of the U.S. and world – a way to offer OM-azing kids yoga classes in YOUR time zones to YOUR kids! 

Some of our new class offerings include: 

Join the Pretzel Kids Yoga Teaching Team!

As we add more classes with Outschool, we are also gearing up to offer more online kids yoga classes via school districts, summer camps, yoga studios and more. 

To fuel this expansion, we need more Pretzel Kids yoga teachers! 

How do you become a Pretzel Kids yoga teacher? You simply enroll in our online Pretzel Kids Method training and join our teaching network! From there, you’ll get: 

  • The rights (also called ‘license’) to use our name, logos, brochures, brand images, marketing materials and more to start your own Pretzel Kids yoga classes. This means you become a licensee (without any hefty fees).  
  • Your own profile page on our Pretzel Kids web platform to include your bio, photo, availability, class information, and social media links. This will enable studios, parents and school directors to find and hire you directly for teaching gigs. 
  • List all your classes on our yoga class locator. Parents will be able to find classes and sign up (through you directly, the yoga studio, the gym or wherever you teach!) Your bio will be prominently featured so that parents and school administrators can also learn more about you – and book you directly for teaching gigs!  
  • Be part of our exclusive community of Pretzel Kids yoga teachers! For starters, you’ll have access to our private business accelerator where you’ll get class tips, monthly lesson plans, marketing brochures, class themes and other tools to help you run your Pretzel Kids yoga business!
  • Weekly/biweekly trainings on Zoom on everything from “What do I charge?” to “How Do I Adapt Curriculum Online?”
  • Social media support on our Facebook & Instagram channels – featuring your classes and events! 
  • Discounts on related services, such as liability insurance.  
  • The ability to participate in ALL OF OUR PARTNER OPPORTUNITIES, including Outschool! 

About Pretzel Kids Yoga

Pretzel Kids® is quickly becoming the premier children’s yoga brand in the burgeoning mindfulness and yoga space. Based in Boston, Ma., Pretzel Kids® brings curriculum-based kids yoga classes to families nationwide, and delivers an online teacher training and subscription membership that empowers parents and educators to run successful classes in their communities.

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