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Pretzel Kids Yoga Offers Yoga Classes for Pandemic Pods, Backyard Popups, and Remote Students

Pretzel Kids Yoga Offers Classes for Pandemic Pods, Backyard Popups, and Remote Students

By Robyn Parets, Founder of Pretzel Kids

Online classes. In-person pods. Backyard popups. Virtual afterschool activities. 

Yup, enrichment activities and academics during the 2020/2021 school year will look a bit different than in the past – no thanks to the COVID-10 pandemic.

Luckily, Pretzel Kids yoga offers yoga classes for pandemic pods, backyard popups, and remote students.

Indeed, school this year will take many forms and we know children will be anxious about the changes, as well as stressed out about staying distant from their peers, wearing masks, washing hands, and more. For these reasons, kids yoga is mission critical during this back-to-school season. 

Read on to learn about the various Pretzel Kids class options during the coronavirus pandemic:

1. In-person or virtual yoga classes for pandemic pods and homeschoolers

By now you may be aware of the concept of families banding together to form pandemic pods, also known as microschools. Still other families are opting to homeschool their children.

What, exactly, are pods? An alternative to regular school, pods generally gather three to six kids at one of the family’s homes. A teacher or teachers are then brought in to teach the children in lieu of regular school or to supplement remote learning. With a pod, families usually chip in to pay for the teacher. 

These microschools have their share of pros and cons, which you can read more about here. And while families may have the academic day covered by hiring a private teacher, there’s one important thing that is missing: yoga and mindfulness. 

Right now, social and emotional learning is essential. Yoga helps children regulate their emotions, destress, feel good in their own bodies, and stay fit! Pretzel Kids helps fill the physical fitness and emotional learning void. Plus, Pretzel Kids yoga is fun! 

So, how would you go about hiring a Pretzel Kids teacher for your pod? Well, you’ve got 2 choices: We can come to you for in-person classes (once a week or more frequently), or you can schedule an online series with one of our OM-azing instructors!

2. Virtual afterschool yoga programs for schools

Regardless of whether your school is offering full-time in-person instruction, a hybrid program, or remote learning, enrichment activities will not look the same. Some group contact sports are on hold, while other programs can’t be held for safety reasons. 

Yet, children need more than math, science and languages. That’s where Pretzel Kids yoga comes in. 

Pretzel Kids offers curriculum-based afterschool yoga programs for your school community in a safe way that meets safety requirements. We can do this both at your facility – outside is preferable – or virtually. 

If you are unable to bring in outside vendors at this time, the Pretzel Kids virtual afterschool program may be a great fit for your school community. Our classes can be scheduled when the kids arrive home, giving parents extra time to get work done from home. What’s not to like about that? 

3. Backyard yoga classes for groups of kids 

Want to get your kids and their friends moving and having fun? Pretzel Kids will come to your backyard or a nearby park for a series of classes for a group of kids.

You pick the day and time. We show up. Simple as that!

4. Private/semi-private online yoga and mindfulness sessions

Is your child overwhelmed with fear, anxiety and stress over the upcoming school year? Are your kids in a pandemic pod and needing additional resources and one-on-one classes? 

Pretzel Kids is here to help with our custom yoga, meditation and mindfulness sessions designed to help your child or teen navigate this difficult time. Want to learn more?

5. Sign up for an online yoga class

If you simply want your kids to practice yoga in a no-fuss, stress-free way, why not enroll in an online Pretzel Kids yoga class

We offer a wide variety of classes in partnership with Outschool, including Pretzel Kids yoga and Mindfulness, Pretzel Kids and Canvas Painting, Stressbuster Yoga for Tweens and Teens, and even Pretzel Kids Yoga and Recycled Crafts! See our full class schedule with Outschool here. 

We also offer classes every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 4 pm ET via Ompractice. Come join us! 

And, of course, you can use the Pretzel Kids virtual class schedule to find an online kids yoga class or kids yoga class near you. So many classes. So many options! 

Stay Creative and Calm this School Year

Regardless of how you are approaching this school year, Pretzel Kids is here to help your children navigate anxiety, get fit, keep calm, and relax. 

We know this year won’t be easy. So let us help you and your kids. Together we’ve got this. ?

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