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Pretzel Kids Yoga Teacher Feature: Meet Kelly!

Kelly Collins Kascavitch kids yoga teacher

By Robyn Parets

Meet Kelly Collins Kascavitch, our February featured teacher and first of our teacher spotlights in 2018! Kelly became a certified Pretzel Kids yoga teacher in 2017 and is the author of two children’s books, including the recently-released Rainbow Bodies. Kelly is also the group fitness director at Fitness 1440 in Norton, Massachusetts. 

Kelly is a wonderful ambassador for our brand and the Pretzel Kids yoga teacher training course. We recently had the opportunity to talk to her about her personal yoga and fitness journey. We also discussed how she hopes to enrich the lives of children through her Pretzel Kids classes. We hope you enjoy learning about Kelly!

Pretzel Kids: Can you tell us a bit about your background in wellness and your philosophy surrounding yoga?

Kelly: Sure! I am a licensed muscular therapist and have owned my massage business, Synergy Muscular Therapy, for 13 years. I am also a Reiki III and IET practitioner.

As for fitness and yoga, I have a BS in exercise physiology and have been teaching group exercise for 17 years. I was brought to yoga to heal a troubled back and neck during my college years. When nothing else had worked, a doctor suggested that I give yoga and meditation a try, as he wondered if my constant pain was due to stress. My health and life was transformed from then on – so much so that I became a certified Hatha yoga teacher myself. Yoga truly connected me to my body, soul and spirit and to my angels, who I believe work through me while I teach. Practicing and teaching yoga helped to bring a peace and harmony in me that I had not felt before.

Yet, somehow, I got away from doing yoga. I could say it was because of a chronic shoulder injury and I couldn’t hold my arms up for more than a few seconds at a time. Or, I could say it was due to a lack of time. I was busy, but really, it was something else. I think that sometimes the things that are the best for us are the things that we neglect the most. It was in writing my second children’s book, Rainbow Bodies, that I came back to yoga – just this past year.

I knew that one of the wonderful ways that we can access and nourish our energy bodies is through yoga, and I wanted to be able to share this knowledge and experience with children. I believe that if children learn about yoga and meditation – and their energy bodies – at an early age, it will set them up for a healthier and happier life. And, the knowledge gained by learning these vital lessons will fill them with endless potential.

Pretzel Kids: Tell me one fun fact about you.

Kelly: I am 5 months pregnant with my first child – a baby girl!

Pretzel Kids: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Kelly: I like to read, take walks, exercise, go to the beach, and spend time with my husband, family and friends.

Pretzel Kids: What drew you to the Pretzel Kids online teacher training course?

Kelly: When I looked into the Pretzel Kids online course, I liked that it was a local (Boston-based) business that I could support. I also knew that I had limited time, so doing the online course on my own timeline was vital.

Besides, I liked the message of Pretzel Kids and the fact that with the certification, I had the opportunity to take other classes that were included in the training, such as Yoga for Kids with Special Needs and Tween/Teen yoga.

Pretzel Kids: What is your favorite thing (or two) about the course?

Kelly: I like that it covered all of the bases of a class, not just the yoga poses. This way I felt confident in constructing a kids yoga class immediately after finishing the certification. I had a formula to go by and a wealth of information to look back on, either with the printable downloads, or re-watching a video on a certain aspect of class design/preparation/poses if needed.

Pretzel Kids: After taking the Pretzel Kids yoga teacher certification course, do you feel prepared to teach children’s yoga?

Kelly: I do feel prepared to teach children’s yoga, for sure! I taught my first class just a few weeks after completing the course and the kids loved it! The course did expand my knowledge as I learned how to better structure a class and I loved how the Pretzel Kids course guided us to introduce dharma talks into classes. This is something that I will definitely include in every kids and adult class that I teach from here on out!

Pretzel Kids: Where do you live and where will you be teaching Pretzel Kids yoga?

Kelly: I live in Mansfield, Massachusetts. I would like to teach Pretzel Kids yoga in various yoga studios or places that offer kids yoga in my community. I’d like to read my book Rainbow Bodies prior to beginning the yoga portion of the class. This way I can incorporate learning the chakras into our yoga practice. ​ Pretzel Kids: How do you hope to make a positive impact with the Pretzel Kids curriculum?

Kelly: With the Pretzel Kids curriculum, I hope to make a marked difference in children’s lives, as I strongly believe in the importance of teaching children yoga, meditation, and about their energy bodies from an early stage of life. I hope for children to see their light, their rainbow within, and to have a wonderful relationship with their physical bodies as well. This way kids can learn how to take care of, nourish and love themselves!

Pretzel Kids: How did you hear about Pretzel Kids? Would you recommend the course to friends, moms, childcare providers and yoga teachers? Why?

Kelly: I did an Internet search! I absolutely would recommend the Pretzel Kids yoga online teacher training course to anyone interested in teaching yoga to children. It covered all aspects needed to teach a successful class!

Pretzel Kids: What’s your favorite Pretzel Kids pose? What’s your favorite Pretzel Kids game?

Kelly: I like “Paint the Rainbow” because it helps children to learn how to breath in an easy and fun way, and it feels great to do. My favorite game is the Pretzel Kids take on the classic,“Duck, Duck, Goose.”

Pretzel Kids: Just for fun, what’s your favorite food? ​ Kelly: My favorite food is pizza!

Thank you Kelly and we wish you continued success! Do you want to be featured in an upcoming Pretzel Kids newsletter or blog post? Let us know by emailing us at info@pretzelkids.com!

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