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Pretzel Kids Yoga Teacher Feature: Meet Rubina Ali

By Kim Bassan 

With a massive round of applause, help us welcome our September 2021 featured teacher, Rubina Ali!

Rubina, who likes to be called Ruby, was born in the Big Apple, a.k.a New York City. She was practicing yoga for three years when she decided it was time to take her yoga practice to the next level. She officially became a yoga instructor in the summer of 2020 and ever since then, she continued to learn and grow personally and professionally. 

Ruby is a teacher’s assistant at a public school and it only made sense to share her passion for yoga with the younger generation. Fueled with inspiration from yoga and the passion for kids, she came across an eye-catching article on Medium. That story featured our empowering founder, Robyn Parets! For Ruby, things just clicked immediately

She thought: It’s time to share yoga with the little ones! They are our future generation and we need to start them off with healthy habits so they can grow up to be the best version of themselves.

Pretzel Kids Yoga Teacher Feature: Meet Rubina Ali

Ruby decided at that moment to become a kids yoga teacher. She joined our welcoming community and has been incorporating mindfulness techniques into the classroom ever since.

Says Ruby: “The opportunities to teach with Pretzel Kids, and the supportive team and community (are unparalleled). (The Pretzel Kids Teacher Association) is nothing like I’ve experienced before.

We recently got to learn more about Ruby’s yoga journey. Read on to discover how to bring yoga into the classroom, the importance of yoga for kids and how to teach kids yoga – from her point of view.

Pretzel Kids: Just as we do in our kids yoga classes, let’s break the ice and start with something fun! What’s your favorite food?

Ruby: I love pizza! Pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza! Oh and I also love pizza! :)

Pretzel Kids: Extra cheese, please! What do you do in your everyday life? Are you a working mom? School teacher? Yoga teacher? A student? 

Ruby: I work as a paraprofessional/teacher’s assistant at a public school. I also am a yoga teacher for adults and children.

Pretzel Kids: Teaching kids is the best! How long have you been teaching and practicing yoga?

Ruby: I have been practicing for a little over three years, and have been teaching for about 6 months.

Pretzel Kids: And what do you like to do when you’re not surrounded by kids? Or should we say – when you’re not busy saving the world with yoga and mindfulness!

Ruby: I love to play and spend time with my furry cat friend, Fluffy. I also like to paint, ride my bike, and do anything in nature! 

Pretzel Kids: Sounds like a sweet life. Can you tell us a bit more about your yoga journey? 

Ruby: I have always had a love for yoga, but my practice was inconsistent throughout my early twenties. A little over three years ago, I was introduced to Kundalini yoga, and since then everything has changed. The new breathing techniques that I learned guided me to a different way of thinking. Since then, my loyalty to yoga has increased and become more consistent. I started to practice in studios and at home. I officially fell in love, and I took yoga everywhere I went. In the summer of 2020, I decided to take my 200 hr yoga teacher training with Shayna Hiller and Ammy Creamer at the Yoga Collective. The science, the philosophies, and the teaching behind yoga truly gave me a sense of strength, self-love, and self-discovery. I continue to practice, study, and celebrate yoga every day through conscious action and joyous offerings! 

Pretzel Kids: We are so honored that you decided to join the Pretzel Kids community. What drew you to Pretzel Kids? 

Ruby: When I read the article on Medium.com about Robyn, her story inspired me. I am always interested in the stories of female entrepreneurs, and through her story, I felt her true compassion for kids and powerful empowerment for teachers.

Pretzel Kids: Well, you are empowering us! Would you recommend the Pretzel Kids program to others? If so, why? 

Ruby: I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who believes that yoga is beneficial to children, and who truly wants to teach the practices of yoga to kids! This is a great way to start up a yoga career because of the support from the Pretzel Kids community! 

Pretzel Kids: We’re so happy to have you in our community and we love seeing you succeeding financially and personally!  If you had to narrow things down, what do you feel are the most beneficial aspects of the Pretzel Kids community?

Ruby: I feel that the most beneficial aspects of the Pretzel Kids membership are the (Pretzel Kids Teacher Association, or PkTA), the opportunities to teach with Pretzel Kids, and the supportive team and community. The (PkTA) is extremely helpful because it includes videos and slides with everything you need – from the curriculum, to liability insurance, to step-by-step instructions on how to get started, and so much more! The opportunities to teach with Pretzel Kids are also beneficial because it is a great way to start up your career as a kids yoga instructor. In addition, the supportive team and community are so helpful because even though I am in a different state than where Pretzel Kids is located, I do not feel alone in this process! I love connecting and being inspired by other teachers, and the Pretzel Prose blog is full of inspiration! With Pretzel Kids, you are never left alone, there is always someone to talk to and get help with ANYTHING.

Pretzel Kids: Do you feel that being part of Pretzel Kids gives you more visibility and helps you fill classes?

Ruby: I very much feel that being a part of Pretzel Kids is helping me tremendously in my journey as a kids yoga instructor. I thrive to become an entrepreneur, and my passion is to teach kids yoga. With the help from Pretzel Kids, I finally feel more grounded and confident to progress in my business because of the community and help you constantly get!

Pretzel Kids: Where do you live and where would you like to teach Pretzel Kids yoga in your community? Where are you from originally and how did that inform your decision to teach kids yoga? 

Ruby: I live in NYC, Staten Island, and I would love to teach in Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Manhattan, as well as the northern parts of New Jersey. The good thing about Pretzel Kids is that you can also teach kids yoga virtually! Living in NYC has definitely played a big role in my decision to teach kids yoga because there are so many kids and not enough kids yoga classes!

Pretzel Kids: What is your favorite thing about teaching kids yoga in schools

Ruby: I love combining the practices of yoga with games and imaginary play. There is so much creativity and value in incorporating fun activities with breathing techniques, poses, and concentration. It teaches us to enjoy life! I also believe that children have something to offer and teach in their own way. Their pure joy and enthusiasm is a reminder for me to enjoy life no matter what.

Pretzel Kids: We couldn’t agree more; we love being playful! What’s your favorite Pretzel Kids game? What’s your favorite Pretzel Kids theme? 

Ruby: My favorite Pretzel Kids game is Magic Yogi because you can get so creative with this game. It is also really fun because what child doesn’t love chasing the teacher? It gives the kids a sense of freedom and imagination! I also really love the Zoo Theme because you can do and get really creative so much with this theme! And who doesn’t love animals?! 

Pretzel Kids: Absolutely – kids and animals, simply the best! Along these lines, what’s your favorite kids yoga pose

Ruby: My favorite Pretzel Kids pose is the Unicorn pose! Not only do I love unicorns, but this pose makes me feel magical and strong! 

Pretzel Kids: Well Ruby: You certainly sprinkled some Unicorn magic and positivity on us! How do you hope to make a positive impact with Pretzel Kids? 

Ruby: I hope to make a positive impact with Pretzel Kids by constantly creating a positive learning environment. I want to address and meet every student’s needs, I want every child to feel seen and loved, and I want to teach everyone how to be kind to each other. Ultimately, I want to guide children towards learning how to access their inner power to create the life they want.

Pretzel Kids: That’s awesome! On this positive note, tell me one fun fact about you (can be anything!) 

Ruby: A fun fact about me is that my favorite shows are animated! These shows are Avatar, The Last Airbender, Korra, Shera, and The Dragon Prince! 

Pretzel Kids: The youthful spirit had really grown on you! We hope you watch these movies with Fluffy and a slice of pizza! Thank you so much for chatting with us Ruby. We’re looking forward to seeing you grow and evolve as a kids yoga teacher and as an entrepreneur.

But wait a minute! 

What is your favorite pizza topping? Hello? Never mind we lost her as she flew away on her magical mat towards yoga land!

So in case you forgot, Ruby likes pizza, pizza, pizza ? but her passion for yoga shines through like a magical unicorn.?

And if you want to access your inner power and help young yogis create their BEST LIFE, connect with us TODAY!

Editor’s Note: Ruby’s story is the reason why we do what we do!

If you want to share your passion for healthy living and children’s well-being then this is your sign. We can’t wait for you to join the Pretzel Kids yoga family! 

About Kim: Kim Bassan is the content intern at Pretzel Kids. She’s also a yoga teacher and a communication and publishing student at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. Kim is originally from Israel but moved to Canada with her family and little puppy Moana. In her free time she’s busy hiking or doing downward facing dog with Moana!

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