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Pretzel Kids Yoga Teacher Feature: Meet Yvette!

kids yoga instructor yvette chambers

Meet Yvette Chambers, our July 2019 featured Pretzel Kids yoga teacher!

Yvette is the mother of five young adults! Wow! 

She became a licensed Pretzel Kids yoga teacher in June 2019 and is excited to start teaching Pretzel Kids yoga classes! Yvette’s favorite part about teaching yoga is giving children a way to express themselves, as well as providing them with a toolbelt filled with the tools they need to be build connections, be aware, learn and be mindful! She will be offering children’s yoga classes and fun kids yoga events in the Mid-Missouri (Columbia) area. 

We were excited to talk to Yvette about her journey with Pretzel Kids yoga.  

​Here’s what she had to say:

Pretzel Kids: Where do you live and what is your educational background?

Yvette: I am from Columbia, Mo. and still live in Columbia. I received my B.S. from the University of Missouri and my graduate degree from UMC-Columbia. I also have a graduate certificate in positive psychology.

Pretzel Kids: What else can you tell us about you? 

Yvette: I am a kids life coach and children’s yoga instructor, as well as a youth development and positive support specialist.

Pretzel Kids: Tell us one more fun fact about you (can be anything!)

Yvette: I love chocolate!

Pretzel Kids: What do you like to do in your spare time? 

Yvette: Travel with my husband

Pretzel Kids: What drew you to the online Pretzel Kids yoga teacher certification course

Yvette: I first took the Pretzel Kids “Yoga for Special Needs” course and I loved it. So, I decided to take the full Pretzel Kids yoga teacher certification course.  

Pretzel Kids: What is your favorite thing (or two) about the Pretzel Kids Yoga Teacher Certification course?

Yvette: I love the details and the lesson plans

Pretzel Kids: Along those lines, what was your favorite thing about the lesson plans that were a part of the Pretzel Kids certification course? 

Yvette: The lesson plans are so easily adaptable to any age group (of kids). 

Pretzel Kids: How do you hope to make a positive impact with the Pretzel Kids yoga curriculum?

Yvette: I am excited to provide the kiddos with skills to help them connect, be aware, learn and embrace mindfulness. 

Pretzel Kids: Would you recommend Pretzel Kids Yoga Teacher Certification course to friends, moms, childcare providers and yoga teachers? 

Yvette: Yes, I would recommend this course to anyone. The ongoing support is great, and the course is so creative!

Pretzel Kids: What’s your favorite Pretzel Kids pose? 

Yvette: Seed to sprout to bud!

Pretzel Kids: What’s your favorite Pretzel Kids class theme?

Yvette: The great outdoors!

Thank you Yvette and we wish you continued success! Do you want to be featured in an upcoming Pretzel Kids newsletter or blog post? Let us know by emailing us at info@pretzelkids.com!

Editor’s note: Are you interested in taking the Pretzel Kids online certification course and learning how to run successful classes like Yvette? We’d love to talk to you and help you create a lucrative side hustle teaching kids yoga! We can’t wait for you to join our Pretzel Kids yoga family!

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