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Become a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher with Online Training

Updated: April 28, 2022

By Victoria Miller, contributing writer 

Let’s face it – not everyone has the skills or patience to become a children’s yoga teacher. 

And, while it can be wonderful to teach yoga to kids, some children can be rowdy and working with them requires knowledge and expertise to keep them cool and collected.

Luckily, there are yoga teacher training courses out there to help aspiring children’s yoga instructors. These classes are great for people of all experience levels – from beginners to experts. And these certification courses give you the chance to hone your skills before ever stepping foot into a yoga studio. 

Plus, online teacher training courses teach you how to structure your curriculum, while still maintaining an element of fun. Among other things, you’ll learn about the best exercises and yoga poses for kids. You’ll also learn how to properly manage a room full of children with methods to keep children engaged and calm.  

Become a Registered Children's Yoga Teacher with Online Training

You won’t even have to leave your home!

Not only will you learn tips and tricks that will help you become a stellar yoga teacher, but you can also build a career out of your passion and become a children’s yoga teacher!

At what age can you become a yoga teacher?

Generally you’ll need to be 16 before you can become a yoga teacher, although some courses will allow those under the age of 18 to enroll with parental permission.

Luckily, there’s no experience level required to become a yoga teacher. In fact, these courses are typically laid out in such a way that anyone can pick it up from scratch. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yoga-enthusiast, you can get certified in just a few months.

How long does it take to train as a yoga instructor?

There are two main certifications that you can get if you’d like to train as a yoga instructor. Here’s a bit more information on them:

200 hour yoga teacher certification: This can take three to five months

A 200-hour certification, which you can learn more about here, takes about three to five months to complete, sometimes longer depending on the particular program. 200-hour trainings includes the following:

  • Techniques, Training and Practice (100 hours)
  • Teaching Methodology (25 hours)
  • Anatomy and Physiology (20 hours)
  • Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers (30 hours)
  • Practicum (10 hours)
  • Contact & Elective Hours

According to the Yoga Alliance, about 180 hours will need to be “contact hours.” (Please note: during COVID-19, guidelines have changed to allow for more contactless online hours.)

500 hour certification to become a yoga instructor: This can take up to a year

You can also opt for the 500-hour yoga teacher training certification, which can take up to a year to complete. More information on this course option can be found here. This certification includes: 

  • Techniques, Training and Practice (150 hours)
  • Teaching Methodology (30 hours)
  • Anatomy and Physiology (35 hours)
  • Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers (60 hours)
  • Practicum (40 hours)
  • Contact & Elective Hours

At least 450 of these hours will need to be “contact hours.” (Again, please check with your program of choice as many are offering contactless online hours during the pandemic.) As you can see, 500 hours is more intense and time-consuming than a 200-hour program, which is often considered a basic yoga teacher certification.

What is the difference between RYT 200 and YTT 200

RYT stands for “registered yoga teacher” and YTT means “yoga teacher training”. 

Despite the difference in name, these 200 hour courses are quite similar. The main difference is that an RYT-200 signifies that a teacher has completed a 200-hour course and then registered with the Yoga Alliance.

To put it shortly, someone that is registered as a RYT isn’t necessarily a better or more qualified yoga teacher. 

Something to note is that in order to keep your registration with the Yoga Alliance, there are a few things that you’ll need to do. For starters, you’ll need to abide by their Code of Conduct and follow their established behavioral policies. You will also have to take a short continuing education course every three years. You can learn more about fitness and yoga CECs or CEUs here.

In a nutshell, continuing ed courses can range from kids yoga to adaptive yoga to senior yoga. Pretzel Kids is a good example of a YACEP course (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider).

Yoga Alliance offers international certification and you can teach anywhere in the world

If you want international recognition as a yoga teacher, you might want to consider that some Yoga Alliance RYT courses offer international certification, which is perfect for those that love to travel or who would love to teach yoga around the world. Find more information here

If you deem being part of YA is best for you, note that you must pay your annual dues and fees on time. So, it’s up to you to decide whether the RYT designation is worth it. 

Can I teach yoga for kids without certification?

You don’t need to get certified or register with the Yoga Alliance to teach yoga for adults or kids. However, it is highly recommended, and often it’s difficult to get hired as a yoga teacher, unless you have taken a teacher training course. 

In order to become a professional yoga teacher, here are our best suggestions:

I do recommend at least some sort of training if you’re going to be working with children, and Pretzel Kids offers a great course that takes just 12 hours instead of 200!  

Keep in mind that teaching yoga to kids is more than just putting on fun yoga videos for them to follow. Young kids, especially toddlers, can be difficult to work with if you don’t have the passion or patience required for the job. So, make sure you enroll in a children’s yoga teacher training program that will help you become a successful yoga instructor 

Successful yoga instructor

Most kids courses usually cover:

These are the basics that you should know if you’d like to be an amazing youth yoga teacher.

Here’s what you should know when choosing a kids yoga teacher training class.

Currently the yoga industry is self-regulated in the U.S. but to become a R-CYT (Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher) you must:

  • Complete a 200-hour yoga teacher training course (RYS 200)
  • Finish a 95-hour children’s yoga teacher training (with a RCYS)
  • Submit 30 teaching hours in children’s yoga

Keep in mind that the 30 teaching hours have to be done AFTER training for 95 hours with a Registered Children’s Yoga School (RCYS). 

Is it necessary to complete 95-hours of training and be an R-CYT to teach kids yoga?

The answer is no.

In fact, unless you have lots of time and money, you might want to think twice about enrolling in an RCYT program. Namely, you can’t enroll in 95-hour unless you first complete a 200-hour course. Meanwhile, if you really want to teach yoga to kids, there are other options which do not require the completion of a 200-hr TT. Nor do they require 95 hours! 

Compare and contrast children’s yoga teacher training programs here.

If you do opt for a 95 hour course, here is some detailed information about what you need to do in order to enroll and complete a 95-hour R-CYT: 

  • You must complete a YTT 200 hr course and register 

As mentioned earlier, an YTT 200 hour program usually takes about three to five months to complete.

  • 95 hours of accredited kids yoga must be completed and registered with the Yoga Alliance 
children's yoga teacher

Depending on the course,a 95-hour course curriculum will teach you how to lead children’s yoga classes for:

Your program may also contain specific information on how to teach children with disabilities. Once you are done with your course, you’ll probably want to register with the Yoga Alliance. 

With that in mind, it’s important to recognize that again, an RCYT-95 hour course is not necessary to teach kids yoga. It’s just one option.

Yet, a kids yoga certification is highly beneficial in teaching you the skills that you need in order to be the best teacher you can be. Furthermore, they add credibility to your practice, which is particularly useful when applying for yoga-related jobs.

Luckily, if you don’t want to enroll in a 95-hour course – or complete a 200-hr RYT – you don’t have to! Companies like Pretzel Kids specialize in helping yoga teachers get certified to teach children – and you won’t need to take a 200 hour or 95 hour training first! 

Registered yoga teacher

Can you get certified as a Children’s Yoga Teacher yoga online?

The short answer is yes, you can get certified to teach yoga online. But there are a few things you should know before you get started with an online kids yoga teacher training.

Yoga for kids training courses are widely available and can usually be completed at your own pace. I recommend Pretzel Kids Certification Course+Pretzel Kids Teacher Association (PkTA).

While you’re at it, here are some common mistakes to avoid when choosing an online children’s teacher training program.

Yoga teacher

The Bottom Line

There are currently no U.S. regulations when it comes to yoga certification.

Yet, it’s important to be properly trained as a yoga instructor and children’s yoga teacher before you start to run kids yoga classes. 

Are you ready to become a yoga teacher? You’ve got this! ?

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