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Six Top Winter Kids Yoga Poses

Updated: January 31, 2022

By Sarah Scribner, content intern

If you live in many parts of the country and world, you’re probably thinking: Where is spring?

Instead, you may be huddled inside watching the snow come down and wondering how to keep the little ones busy on yet another snow day! This is where the experts at Pretzel Kids come in. We’re here to help you gather up the kids for some fun winter-themed poses and yoga activities. From sledding-themed yoga games to snowboarding pose, there’s something for everybody. 

Are you ready to go on a Pretzel Kids yoga snowy day adventure? Check out 6 of our favorite winter kids yoga poses and start warming up right now!

Six top winter kids yoga posts by Pretzel Kids

1. Skiing Pose

This is one of our favorite Pretzel Kids poses! Skiing pose is as simple as chair pose, mirroring the position of a skier going down a steep hill.

How to do it:
Separate your feet about six inches apart, rather than keeping them together. This more closely resembles a skier in her ski boots. Bring your arms behind you and make fists, as if you are holding onto ski poles. Sink down into chair pose and off you go, swooshing down the hill!

Watch this 1 minute video to do skiing pose with us!

2. Sledding Pose

Sledding is always fast and always fun! Want to give it a whirl?

How to do it:
To start, sit in staff or “stick” pose with a tall spine and your legs straight out in front of you (as if sitting in a letter “L” shape). Just as you would when sledding, place yours hands beside you and pretend to be holding onto your sled. If you’re on a yoga mat, you can hold onto the edges of your mat and even pull the sides of your mat up a bit toward your ribs. From here, you are now ready to go. Enjoy your journey down the hill!

3. Make a Snow Angel Pose

What’s more fun than making your very own snow angel in the snow? In this version, you can pretend to be in the snow while you’re warm inside!

How to do it: 
Lay on your back, just as you would when preparing to make your snow angel outside. This action resembles savasana, which comes at the end of a yoga class. From here, stretch your arms and legs wide. Your legs will form the letter V shape and your arms will reach wide out to the sides. Bring your legs back together and your arms back to your sides. Then, reach your arms out to the sides and as high up as you can – at the same time as your legs widen out to the sides. Continue to move in this way, as if making a snow angle on the ground beneath you. Remember to breathe! 

4. Snowy Owl Pose

Snowy Owl pose resembles hero pose, which can be done by sitting on the ground in a kneeling position. You can also do this in Pretzel Pose!

How to do it:
From your seated position – in the spirit of a Snowy Owl – twist your upper body to look over one of your shoulders. Twist back to the center and then to the other side. To complete the pose, gently make an owl sound (hoo, hoo) while twisting from side to side.

5. Snowboarding Pose

Not much of a skier? Hit the slopes in your snowboarding pose!

How to do it:
Stand in warrior one position, with your front knee bent into a deep lunge position and your arms stretched straight out from your shoulders. Pretend to be snowboarding down a hill by slightly moving your hips from side to side and bending and straightening your front knee. Then switch sides!

6. Snowflake pose

As the snow falls outside, this is a fan favorite!

How to do it:
Stand in five-pointed star pose with your feet open to a wide stance and your toes pointed out at a diagonal (if you are on a yoga mat, use the whole wide area of the mat and point your toes to the top corners of your mat). Reach your arms out to either side). Spread your fingers wide. Close your eyes and pretend you are a falling snowflake. From here, begin to wiggle your fingers and lift your arms up and down. Stick out your tongue and pretend to catch snowflakes on your tongue!

Remember: You can make the winter more enjoyable with these 6 kids yoga activities and poses. Spring will be here before you know it and we’ve a whole new set of spring kids yoga poses coming soon! 

About Sarah

Sarah Scribner is a content writer and social media intern at Pretzel Kids.

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