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9 Summer Side Hustles to Make Extra Money

Updated: June 6, 2024

With the summer right around the corner, you may be thinking about how to boost your income with summer side hustles or a part-time job. 

Good for you!

Indeed, summer lends itself to plentiful side gigs and job opportunities for you to make extra money. But, before you decide on the best new side hustle for you, consider your interests, whether you want to work inside or outdoors, and how much flexibility you have in your schedule. 

Once you’ve given some thought to this, it’s time to check our list of 9 summer side hustles to make extra money. 

Summer Side Hustles

1. Become a delivery driver

Delivering groceries and food is super popular right now, especially during the pandemic when so many people are counting on food deliveries.

This makes this one of the best side hustles nationwide. Some perks: You can make extra money with little to no contact and you can set your own hours.

One slight drawback is that you’ll work more during dinnertime and at night as that’s when most people tend to order food and meals. If you don’t mind missing dinner at home and nighttime hours, this might be the perfect side hustle for you! 

You could potentially earn $600 per month from this side hustle.

Here are some delivery companies to consider when thinking about summer side hustles: 

  • UberEats. This is still one a top dog when it comes to food delivery 
  • InstaCart. This company focuses on providing grocery shopping and deliveries.  
  • DoorDash or GrubHub. These competitors to UberEats are growing fast in many cities

Ultimately, you’ll want to research food delivery apps in your area and determine which company you’d like to work with. 

2. Post and sell your own stuff online, or buy and resell stuff

Did you know that you can make money by selling stuff that you already have?

It’s true! 

This is also a great way for you to clean out your home and get rid of things that you no longer use. You can even turn this purging exercise into a long-term side hustle by going to estate and garage sales to buy things, and then resell them online on platforms like Amazon, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace. You can also try finding free things on Craigslist Free Stuff and reselling them. Cha-ching! 

You could potentially earn $500 to $1000 per month from this side hustle. And, in this day and age, some people have turned this into a full-time job. 

And just think, your house will look a lot less cluttered! 

Summer Side Hustles

3. Online freelancing

You can make money freelancing in many ways. For example, perhaps you can create videos, edit blog posts, write website copy, or more. 

Some of the easiest ways to get started with online freelancing is by writing, transcribing, and blogging. Many authors and bloggers, for example, need proofreaders to check their writing, so you can even turn that into a side hustle. Another up and coming freelancing opportunity is SEO consulting. If you can learn the ins and outs of SEO, you can potentially earn $75 per hour.

To get started, you can sign up on sites like UpWork, or seek out clients through your own networks. 

You can even contact us here at Pretzel Kids if you’re interested in becoming a blog writer. We’re always looking for awesome freelance writers. 

Generally, you can earn $100 to $1,000 a month by freelancing online – depending on how much you charge, how many hours you work, and how many assignments you take on. But there’s definitely potential to earn more. Some online freelancers make as much as $5,000 per month.

4. Take surveys

Another popular side hustle is taking surveys online to make money. 

The best part about taking surveys is that you can make money in your spare time. Of course, not all survey sites work the same. Some of them give you reward points to use at Walmart, Macy’s and Target. Others pay in cash via Paypal. 

This is a great side hustle for moms as you can take surveys while waiting for your kids to come home from school or while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store. 

5. Become a kids yoga teacher

We may be biased but we think the best side hustle for you to try this summer is to become a kids yoga teacher. You can get certified easily with Pretzel Kids in just 12 hours, thanks to a self-paced online yoga instructor certification

If you’re into fitness, you love kids, or you’re a mom who is looking for a new side hustle, this is the one for you!

You can easily earn more than $1,000 this summer as a kids yoga instructor as Pretzel Kids teachers are in high demand at summer camps, recreation centers, gyms and more! 

Plus, if you end up loving your side hustle teaching kids yoga, you can turn it from a summer side gig into a full-time career teaching children’s yoga classes

6. Offer a cleaning service

If you enjoy cleaning your own house, why not consider doing this as a side-hustle? 

You could help clean people’s homes when they’re moving, or offer cleaning on a bi-weekly or weekly basis. You could even decide to tackle larger projects with your friends. 

Cleaning as a side-hustle is now easier than ever thanks to sites like Nextdoor , where you tell your local neighbors about your cleaning services. You can easily make $100 or more each time you show up to clean a house.

7. Babysitting

Babysitting is perhaps one of the original summer side hustles. While high school students take up many of the babysitting gigs, there’s no reason adults can’t get in the game – especially if you have relatives and neighbors with young children.

Plus, if you’re a mom and can watch other kids at the same time as your own, this may fit in perfectly with your schedule. And in the summer, you can go to the local parks or even hang out in your own yard. If you love yoga, you can even practice kids yoga poses with toddlers!

All told, if you’re looking to earn a couple extra hundred bucks a month, this might be the perfect side gig for you. 

8. Make stuff that you can sell

Are you creative but not really into having to scavenge around to find things to sell? Do you enjoy making things?

If the answer is yes, then make your own products that you can sell online. Consider creating unique gifts, making custom stationery, selling downloadables or printables, and creating artwork. You can set up your own website or even launch a shop on Etsy. The opportunities are endless. And, if you work it, you can earn an extra $100 or more a month.

For inspiration, check out the Pretzel Kids Etsy printable shop – with yoga pose cards, mindfulness activities and other enrichment printables!

9. Dog Sitting and Dog Walking

Do you love dogs? Do you want to combine your love for dogs with earning some money hanging out with four-legged friends?

Then consider dogsitting! 

But, where to start? Ask your neighbors and friends if they can use your help or know someone looking for a dog walker or dog sitter. You can also post on Facebook, Nextdoor and Craigslist. Alternatively, use an app like Rover to connect you with potential clients. 

You can earn up to $500 a month by doing something pawsitively awesome in your spare time!

Are You Ready to Find the best summer side hustles for you?

Summer Side Hustles

By trying out some of these summer side hustle ideas, you may just find a side gig you love while earning extra cash! 

Plus, you can continue to work this new job long after the summer is over, perhaps even turning your side hustle into a full time gig

One more pro tip: A side gig is no different than any other business. You’ve got to put effort into your new endeavor in order to succeed. But with hard work and dedication, you can soon be on your way to a career you love! 

You’ve got this!

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