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How to Teach Yoga for Kids as a Career

Updated: April 5, 2023

By Kim Bassan, contributing writer

Ready to start the best career ever? Want to make money while having TONS of fun, changing young lives, and contributing to a better world? 

If you’ve been thinking about how to become a kids yoga teacher but weren’t sure where to start, we’ve got you covered!

We’re here to share with you how to teach yoga for kids as a career!

How to Become a Kids Yoga Teacher

The first thing you will need in order to teach yoga for kids is to become a kids yoga teacher! (and that does not mean you need to go through a whole 200-hour yoga teacher training program!) 

In fact, you can enroll in a kid’s yoga certification course right here! Read on to get the answers to some of your most common questions.

How to Teach Yoga for Kids as a Career

Why should I teach yoga to kids?

Well, for starters, teaching yoga to children is fulfilling. 

But that’s not all! We think teaching kids yoga classes is an awesome yoga industry niche, especially as children’s yoga classes are in such high demand these days. Yet, this is also why there are so many yoga teacher training programs. With so many options, how do you choose the right yoga training

There are many things to consider, but most importantly, do your research and evaluate things like price, schedule, teacher, student testimonials, and whether the particular certification will support you after you’re finished with the course. Most importantly, go with your gut.

Should I take a kids’ yoga teacher training?

If you’re wondering if children’s yoga teacher training is worth your time and money then we would say: Yes, especially if you’re up to having loads of fun!

Children’s yoga teacher training comes in many different shapes and forms, including both online and in-person training programs. One thing to remember is that teaching yoga for kids is a colorful job

If you are a yoga teacher, educator, side hustler, parent, fitness lover or just a curious person, you should definitely consider taking a kids’ yoga teacher training. 

Can I teach yoga without being certified?

You might be wondering: Can I teach yoga without being certified? Well, we have some good news for you. If you’re playing with the idea of becoming a yoga teacher but still don’t want to take the full dive into 200 hours of yoga teacher training, you can still become a youth yoga teacher – without taking a 200-hour certification course!

Teaching yoga for kids means you don’t need to go through 200 hours of training in order to achieve your dream job. In fact, you can become a Pretzel Kids teacher in just 12 hours and start a new career!

Is teaching yoga for kids a good career?

Teaching yoga for kids is one of the most fulfilling jobs out there (at least we think!)

Kids yoga teachers can start building healthy habits for children and provide them with lifetime mindfulness tools. It may sound intimidating at first, but when you think about the change you can make in those little lives, it can fill you up with joy! 

Working as a kids yoga teacher can also be rewarding in terms of your earning potential. When you combine the mental and monetary reward, this leads to….. the dream job!

Yoga teacher career

How much money do yoga teachers make?

We promised you that you can earn money as a children’s yoga teacher, but how much exactly?

If it’s part-time, full-time or just as a side hustle, yoga teachers can make up to $62,400 a year. It all depends on your education, experience and the student population you cater to.

Can you teach yoga classes part-time?

In today’s economy, everyone is looking for the best side hustle that can help them earn more money on the side. And, these days it’s not rare to work at a corporate job during the day and then teach yoga for kids in the evenings and weekends. 

Yoga teachers come from all walks of life and can have many different careers and hobbies. The truth is that most yoga teachers today are teaching yoga as a part-time job. This way, you can keep your ‘day’ job while you teach yoga on the side! This can also help prevent burnout as teaching yoga becomes a daily moment of joy.

Why should kids do yoga?

By bringing joy to children, you are contributing to a better world. The benefits of yoga for kids go well beyond physical activity. And, you get the chance to boost them with confidence and give them tools that will last a lifetime!

How to explain yoga to a child

Kids know what stress is. While they may not be able to put words to it, children deal with stress every single day. 

But as a children’s yoga instructor, you don’t have to explain yoga in ‘adult’ terms. Instead, you can use yoga games and kids yoga poses to keep things fun, simple, and visual. In time, they will come to realize all the great benefits yoga can have on their lives

What are the best yoga games for kids?

Who doesn’t want to have a career that involves playing games? This is what kids yoga teachers experience every day. Here are a few of our favorite kids yoga games. Many of these yoga games also include yoga poses for kids! Here are some of the best kids yoga poses for you to teach.

Tips to start teaching yoga for kids

A children’s yoga instructor is a job – and this means we need to get down to business.

If you want to start teaching yoga for kids, you need to enroll students in your classes or find a place to teach.

Where can I teach yoga for kids?

To start, you should consider teaching in these places:


Many teachers and schools have been learning about the benefits of yoga in classrooms, which include helping students focus better during the school day. This is YOUR opportunity to do something good for the future generation. It’s time to teach at schools! 

After-school programs

During the academic day, children and teens deal with a lot of stress. Yoga helps them build stress management tools and achieve a calmer state of being. This is why more schools are looking to add yoga into their enrichment programs.

Recreation and community centers

Parents often work out at local recreation centers or YMCAs. And kids need exercise programs, too. So, why not add a little yoga to help them develop healthy habits?  

Start a yoga class in your area!

Have you always felt the fire within you to be your own boss? Perhaps it’s time you try running your own kids yoga classes. If you are a parent, teacher, or fitness enthusiast, you probably know a few kids or parents who would LOVE to do yoga. Use your connections to network – you can even run classes outside if the weather cooperates!

Online yoga classes

Due to Covid, many activities moved online and so did yoga for kids. Teaching kids yoga online can allow you to reach a global student base. Give it a go!

Pretzel Kids

teach yoga for kids

Imagine a world where all of the options above are combined into one package for you. Wait. This is not a dream? Does this thing actually exist?!

Yes, it does and it’s called Pretzel Kids.

Pretzel Kids is much more than an online kids yoga teacher training course. We provide you with the marketing and yoga branding resources to promote yourself and your classes. By connecting with us, we help you find jobs in schools, after-school programs, recreation centers, gyms, camps and more. We also provide you with an online platform to enroll students in your classes – and get booked directly for teaching gigs! 

Wowsa! All there’s left for you to do is: HAVE FUN.

Teaching yoga for kids

How long does it take to become certified to teach yoga for kids?

So, yoga for kids is a real career, huh? Yes, it is!

Here is one more question you may have: How long does it take to become certified to teach yoga for kids? With Pretzel Kids, our online certification course takes about 12 hours. Just think…… By tomorrow, you could be a children’s yoga instructor!

We’ll leave you with this thought: If you ever thought a job has to be a boring 9-5, think again. Teaching yoga for kids is a colorful, spontaneous, life-changing experience and it’s waiting for you.

About Kim

Kim Bassan is a content writer at Pretzel Kids. She’s also a yoga teacher and a communication and publishing student at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. Kim is originally from Israel but moved to Canada with her family and little puppy Moana. In her free time, she’s busy hiking or doing downward-facing dog with Moana!

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