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The 6 Best Kids Yoga Online Teacher Training Courses

Updated: October 17, 2023

By Tvisha Patel, contributing writer 

Becoming a yoga teacher has many benefits and can be a fulfilling job! As a children’s yoga instructor, you can choose your hours, and decide if you want this to be a side hustle or a full-time career.

But you may be wondering: How exactly do I start training to teach yoga for kids? Or, how can I get a certification to teach children’s yoga online? 

Luckily, we answer all your questions here, and we will provide information about the best kids yoga teacher training courses that are offered online!

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started so you can find the best online course that you can do from the comfort of your home. From there, you can start your own yoga classes for kids! Read on to learn about the 6 best kids yoga online teacher training courses. 

Kids Yoga Teacher Training

How do I Become a Child Yoga Instructor

First things first: There are several kids yoga online teacher training programs, therefore it’s important to do your research and ask questions. Consider the benefits of taking an online yoga training class, especially if you are a parent, college student or anyone with a busy schedule. Furthermore, consider the length of the training. Some programs may require interviews, auditions, references, etc. Guess what? The Pretzel Kids yoga teacher certification doesn’t have any prerequisites! 

Additionally, consider the cost of the kids yoga online teacher training. This type of program might be less expensive than a traditional adult teacher training program that requires 200 hours of your time. A smart investment will help you make more money and cover your costs!  Lastly, consider the reputation of the brand you choose to do your training with. Research the company’s values and how they align with yours. Look at the reviews people have written and see if other teachers are running successful classes.

Now that you have an idea about the important considerations to consider before choosing a kids yoga online teacher training, let’s take a look at 6 great examples of kids yoga teacher training courses!

1. Pretzel Kids 

Pretzel Kids has the perfect package that can train you to become a youth yoga teacher! 

For starters, Pretzel Kids has an online certification program that can help you become a Pretzel Kids Yoga teacher and start teaching classes almost immediately! The company founder, Robyn Parets, has over 20 years of experience teaching yoga and for more than a decade, she owned a yoga studio and ran a 200-hour yoga teacher training! She now supports all the yoga instructors certified with Pretzel Kids to grow their classes and businesses. 

On the Pretzel Kids website you can find all the information about how parents and schools can readily hire local Pretzel Kids yoga teachers, how you could become a yoga instructor for kids, and the supportive Pretzel Kids Teacher Association. Did you know that Pretzel Kids is the only full-blown branded kids yoga marketplace in the yoga space? This means that parents and schools can find and hire or book Pretzel Kids instructors directly off the company’s website. Cha-ching for YOU!

In fact, the Pretzel Kids Teacher Training course and PkTA membership offers amazing tools to help YOU grow your business, including:

  • The 12-hour, self-paced Pretzel Kids Method training
  • Licensing rights to Pretzel Kids branding and marketing materials
  • Access to web platforms and Find a Class + Hire a Teacher locators so you can reach a wide audience 
  • Ongoing trainings and coaching with Founder Robyn Parets, other team members and guest presenters
  • Monthly themed lesson plans delivered to you
  • Free adult yoga classes to take care of yourself too!
  • Access to exclusive community of successful Pretzel Kids teachers for support

Remember: Many yoga teacher training courses are lengthy, but Pretzel Kids gives you the ability to become a yoga teacher for children and teens in 12 hours, and you can do it online

2. Cosmic Kids 

Cosmic Kids training program includes teaching resources from the owner, lifetime access and professional qualification and certification. The Cosmic Kids yoga teacher training program is flexible and allow you to choose your own schedule. 

You can even try their 30 minute kids yoga crash course to get a sense of how their training works before you commit.

Cosmic Kids offers the training online without in-person options. Also, and this is important: Cosmic Kids doesn’t allow their teachers to use their brand to market their classes since they don’t offer a licensing option. 

3. Yoga Ed.

Yoga Ed. provides online training and classes that you can take from the comfort of your own home. If you enjoy flexibility, Yoga Ed. offers instructor-led classes or self-paced. You also get video lectures, workbooks, lesson plans and reflection questions that could further advance your training. It is important to note that only the instructor guided track will give you a certificate, and you have access to the course for one year, not more than that.

The course can be completed in 8 weeks and no prior prerequisites are needed. 

4. Kidding Around Yoga 

Kidding Around has many kids yoga teacher training course, both online and in-person. In fact, their entire business is built on running loads of courses – all the time. 

If you take an online course, you will typically need to submit a video of you teaching a class to kids to receive feedback. You can get certified after this last part is done. One aspect to think about is that you can get access to the course for only 5 months, therefore it’s important to consider if that’s a good time frame for you. It is also important to consider whether this training will help you secure bookings and jobs.

5. Rainbow Yoga

Rainbow Yoga offers three to four days of a livestream training course online, giving you the opportunity to learn from senior trainers. They have self-paced and in-person training available as well. 

Rainbow Yoga offers training in North America, Australia, Europe, Mexico, and more. You don’t need prior experience and there are many options for you to consider to choose the right program for you. Although they have many different courses, the self-paced program requires 50 hours of training and the second level requires 95 hours. If time is an issue for you, this is something you may want to consider. 

6. Little Flower Yoga 

Little Flower Yoga’s mission is to help kids learn yoga and mindfulness to help them live a happy life. 

You can train with them online through a self-paced program, live streams or in-person classes. Their core curriculum has three courses, with six hours each; and completion of the courses qualifies you for a 95-hour Yoga Alliance Children’s Certification. 

One aspect to consider is this: This course isn’t fully designed to propel you into the business world if earning money teaching yoga to kids is your main focus. 

Are There Yoga Alliance Requirements to Teach Yoga to Kids?

You may be wondering, are there specific requirements to teach yoga to kids? Guess what? You don’t need to get certified or register with the Yoga Alliance to teach yoga for kids, or even adults, but there are many factors to consider here. 

If you plan to teach adults, we do recommend a 200-hour course, either registered with the Yoga Alliance or not. This will teach you about philosophy, yoga techniques, and much more. To keep your registration with the Yoga Alliance in good standing, you’ll need to follow their code of conduct and policies. You will also need to take a continuing education course every three years

In the meantime, you can teach yoga to kids without taking a lengthy Yoga Alliance-approved 200-hour course. But, if you want to become an RCYT (Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher), you would have to complete a 200-hour yoga teacher training course, and then a 95-hour children’s yoga teacher training course. After that, you’d need to submit 30 teaching hours in children’s yoga to the Yoga Alliance. 

Luckily for you, if you don’t want to go through a 200-hour and 95-hour training course, you can get certified with Pretzel Kids! 

Pretzel Kids helps you teach children without the long training hours while still instilling knowledge and practical teaching skills. 

Teaching Yoga to Kids as a Career 

Teaching yoga and mindfulness to kids is a fulfilling career or side hustle that provides a lot of benefits. You get to have a job with purpose that helps kids feel better and positively impact the people around you. While helping youth, you also impact their families in a positive manner because they feel happy when their kiddos are happy and healthy. It’s a never-ending great feeling when you can make others happy around you through your job. 

Earning Potential

Your earning potential as a yoga teacher varies based on many factors. Some things to consider: Whether you teach part-time or full-time, where you teach and if you can have a flexible schedule.

In the U.S. yoga instructors can make around $24.96 per hour or anywhere between $31k-$100K, according to bookretreats.com. The average is around $60,000 a year. On the lower end, you can expect $25-$35 an hour from a class and on a higher end, you can expect $75-$100 an hour. 

Other factors that affect earning potential are the type of certification you have, if the business is your own, or if you offer classes in a specific niche. 

Are You Ready to Sign up for a Kids Yoga Online Teacher Training Course?

Kids Yoga online Teacher Training

There are a lot of aspects to think about when it comes to choosing an online kids yoga training course, but with all the great tips we just mentioned, the decision will hopefully be easier for you. Just remember to consider your values and determine if the course meets your requirements.

Every training program is unique. So, consider the pros and cons of each online yoga teacher training program – and go with your gut feeling. 

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