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Tips and Tricks on How to Be Good at Yoga (It’s not about being flexible!)

By Kim Bassan, content writer

You may have heard this before but we just can’t stop preaching about all the incredible benefits yoga has on your body, mind and soul. With that said, it’s no wonder you may think that you should become ‘better’ at yoga.

And, guess what? Even though yoga is non-competitive, we’ve got  tips and tricks on how to be good at yoga. And we have a secret! It’s not about being flexible!

Everything good is worth working for but what exactly is all this goodness? What benefits can you gain from practicing yoga and becoming a consistent yoga practitioner? Read on to learn more.

how to be good at yoga

What are the Benefits of a Yoga Practice?

Practicing yoga poses has many more benefits than simply physical exercise. Yoga helps calm the mind and relax the body. While practicing yoga can definitely make you stronger, fitter and healthier, the benefits of yoga exceed the physical aspect.

There are so many reasons why yoga is important and after years of experience, it is crystal clear – everyone should do yoga. Here are some of the many benefits from a consistent asana practice: 

  • Reduces stress
  • Improves sleep
  • Strengthens bones
  • Calms the mind
  • Enhances relationships
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Boosts self-esteem
  • Improves focus

You can take our word for it the benefits of yoga are remarkable, /and that you should start practicing as well! 

How to Start a Yoga Practice?

How should you begin to develop a yoga practice? Well, it starts with a healthy routine. Whether you are embarking on this journey solo or with a loved one, you must set intentions that will last

It all boils down to YOU. Your ability, schedule, health, career and goals. Find a routine that works for you and let the magic begin. 

There is no magic pill to stay consistent with your yoga routine. It is up to you to make it fit your daily life. It can start with five  minutes a day, 20 minutes twice a week or a full 60 minute yoga class daily! With so many options – from online classes to studios – the yoga world is at your feet! 

Do You Need to Be Flexible to Do Yoga?

With all this buzz around yoga, it’s inevitable to also speculate about a common myth that has been wandering in the streets lately. In fact, many people are afraid to try yoga because they are “not flexible enough.” However, rumor has it that this is not true. 

And, we’re here to bust this myth. You do NOT have to be flexible to do yoga! If you ever doubted your flexibility or fitness level in order to start a yoga routine then doubt this thought itself! With consistent practice, you’ll begin to progress and become healthier, fitter and happier. Where can I sign up?!

Now comes the big question…

How to Advance in a Yoga Practice?

We get it, we all want to learn how to be more flexible and feel successful in a yoga class. But we already told you that yoga isn’t about being flexible

So, how can you still improve and get more advanced? We promise and we deliver! 

Based on years of experience, we came up with this list of tips and tricks on how to succeed in yoga.

Learn our top 6 tips and tricks on how to be good at yoga:

  1. Try different styles. There are so many types of yoga out there. Why focus on one? Find your niche and experiment with different teachers, studios and locations. Who knows? Maybe your next breakthrough is waiting for you on your next yoga retreat!
  1. Practice yoga off the mat in your everyday life! If you’ve been in the yoga space for a while then you’ve probably heard the phrase “live yoga off the mat.” But what does that mean? We don’t expect you to start doing downward-facing dog on your way to the office (even though that could be an interesting experience). Living yoga off the mat means that you practice the values of yoga in your everyday life. 
  1. Build your yogi network. Building a community is so important as it allows you to feel comfortable and supported. Finding friends that share the same mindset and values as you will help boost your yoga confidence and help you stay accountable. Your yogi friends will lift you up when you fall from your handstand, pick you up when you’re stuck in a split, offer a shoulder to cry on after an emotional class, or just share tips and tricks on how to improve your yoga practice.
  1. Expand your knowledge = knowledge is power. Continuing wellness education helps you to stay relevant and passionate! Once you start studying yoga, you will discover a whole new world of practices and theories. Knowledge is power!
  1. Stop doubting yourself. This one is pretty straightforward. As Suzy Kassem said: “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” So, stop doubting yourself and start believing.
  1. Become a kids yoga teacher! Believe it or not, you can become a kids yoga teacher In less than 12 hours with Pretzel Kids. Why not start making money from your passion and make a career out of something that you love. Making money and becoming better at yoga?! This is truly the dream job.

Can You Be Good at Yoga?

Let’s put it this way: Can you be good at life? 

Being good at yoga isn’t about being the most flexible or fittest person in the world. Anyone can become good at yoga. There are no external metrics for being a good yoga student. 

To become better at yoga you need to look inwards as the process begins with you, as well as your thoughts, values and actions.

So, next time you see the person next to your mat in a handstand, don’t become jealous or start putting yourself down. Yoga has nothing to do with flexibility and everything to do with being a good person, on and off the mat. 

Maybe you can instead ask yourself how to become a better parent or how to show up and be your best self every single day. 


How to Be Good at Yoga

We want you to reach your goals and live to your fullest potential. We believe you have all the potential and abilities to become your best self. In fact, Pretzel Kids wants to invite you to improve your yoga practice by…*drumroll*

Becoming a kids yoga teacher yourself!!!

When you are a children’s yoga teacher, you will boost your personal yoga practice to new levels and start making a living from your passion! 

Are you ready to dive in and go teach some kids? We thought so!

About Kim

Kim Bassan is a content writer at Pretzel Kids. She’s also a yoga teacher and a communication and publishing student at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. Kim is originally from Israel but moved to Canada with her family and little puppy Moana. In her free time, she’s busy hiking or doing downward-facing dog with Moana!

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