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Top Five Halloween Kids Yoga Poses and Activities

Updated: October 4, 2023

By Robyn Parets, founder of Pretzel Kids

​It’s almost Halloween – one of our favorite holidays here at Pretzel Kids Yoga!

Whether your children are eager to learn Halloween kids yoga poses, or you simply want some fun yoga ideas to share with the neighborhood kids, we’ve got you covered.

You can start scaring up some fun right now with our favorite Halloween kids yoga poses, as well as our top Halloween children’s yoga activities. Happy Halloween!

Top Five Halloween Kids Yoga Poses and Activities

5 Top Halloween KiDs Yoga Poses

1. Angry cat

If you practice yoga with kids, you probably already know this Halloween pose.

How to do it: You start out on your hands and knees and then slowly begin to tuck your chin in towards your chest, dropping your head down. Press your hands firmly into the ground and spread your fingers wide. Draw your tailbone toward the front of your mat and press your middle back up towards the sky. Now you can “meow” like an angry black cat on Halloween! To reverse the pose, drop your belly toward the floor, lift your heart and chest up, raise your head and chin, and look up toward the sky (this is cow pose). To bring the breath into the pose, inhale for cow and exhale for angry cat – adding in the “meow” sound effect.

2. Ghost

Whether you teach kids yoga or just want to do this yoga pose with kids, Ghost pose is a fan fav! To do it, start in Mountain Pose or Tadasana.

How to do it: Slowly roll your upper body forward and let your torso, head, shoulders and arms drape toward the floor (arriving in standing forward fold pose). From here, feel free to bend your knees and begin to sway from side to side, or gently twist back and forth. To bring the breath into it, you can inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth with a ghostly “hoooooooo” sound.

3. Witch

For this kids yoga pose, you’ll need a rolled-up yoga mat.

How to do it: Place the mat between your legs, above the knees. Squeeze the mat with your inner thighs and bend your knees – coming into Chair Pose. Hold onto the front of the rolled mat and pretend to be flying through the air like a witch on a broom!

4. Scarecrow

For this yoga pose, start by standing in Mountain Pose.

How to do it: Extend your arms out to either side. You can then tilt your head to one side or another and wait for the crows to land!

​5. Zombie

This kids yoga pose is similar to Scarecrow.

How to do it:  Instead of holding your arms out to the sides, you’ll reach both arms straight out in front of you. Keeping your arms rigid, you can rock side to side like a Zombie.

3 Top Kids Halloween Yoga Activities

​1. Ring the Bell

For this mindfulness activity for kids, you’ll need a bell or some sort of singing bowl or chime. Ask the kids to sit in a circle around the bell and then invite one child at a time into the circle to ring the bell. After the child rings the bell, he can announce what he will be for Halloween and practice a pose that he thinks resembles his costume.

All the children will also practice this same yoga pose. Go around the circle so each child has a turn ringing the bell and teaching the others his or her Halloween costume pose.

2. Freeze Dance

Based on the popular children’s party game, you’ll need Halloween-themed songs, like “Monster Mash” or “Giant Purple People Eater.”  

Start by teaching the kids the 5 Halloween yoga poses listed above. Then, instruct them to dance to the music. When you stop the music, the kids will have to freeze in one of the Halloween poses. If you see someone moving while the music is stopped, ask her to exit the game and be your helper. Continue the yoga game, asking your new helper to spot those who are moving when they are supposed to freeze in a pose. As each child comes out of the game, she can also become a helper. The last Pretzel Kid left is the winner!

3. What Am I?

For this game, the kids get to be creative and come up with a yoga pose based on either their Halloween costume or another yoga pose they’d like to create for Halloween. Each child will come into the middle of the circle and create a pose. The rest of the kids have to try to guess the pose/costume. Each child will have a turn and there is no wrong kids yoga pose!

Are You Ready to Scare up Some Halloween Yoga Fun?

kids yoga poses

We hope you have a Happy Halloween! If you’ve enjoyed these kids yoga poses and mindfulness activities for kids and want to learn more about teaching kids yoga, check out the online Pretzel Kids Method Course!

Editor’s note: Thank you to our Pretzel Kids models Corrina and Josie Wise.

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