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Top Four Indoor Activities for Kids

Updated: July 14, 2023

By Sarah Scribner, Pretzel Kids Content Writer

So, you had plans to go to the beach or a carnival this weekend with the kids. But, alas, rain is in the forecast and, now that your outdoor plans are foiled, you’re left wondering what to do to fill the weekend time.

Although at first you may be disappointed with the wet forecast, rainy days (as well as cold and even snowy days) are often the best opportunities for getting creative at home and coming up with new, family-friendly activities. Sure, spending a day at a carnival is a blast, but so is an intense game of cards or cooking up a Pretzel Kids yoga healthy snack. Besides, rainy days may even call for some indoor exercise, including fun kids yoga poses!

Whether you are looking to get crafty or get fit, you won’t be disappointed with these top four indoor activities for kids. Enjoy!

Top Four Indoor Activities for Kids

Homemade Snacks and a Movie

When clouds are blocking the sunshine, you and your family should consider taking to the kitchen to not only whip up some yummy treats, but also spend quality, interactive time together. Fruit kebabs always satisfy a sweet tooth, while tortilla pizzas create the perfect meal and can be paired with savory baked sweet potato fries.

Finger Painting

Rainy days definitely call for creativity, and of course, the right materials to bring those ideas to life! You can stop into a local craft shop or fabric store to pick up various paints and supplies to get started. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, then skip the brushes and paint beautiful landscapes with your fingers. Before doing so, however, be sure to place several towels across a solid surface and wear comfortable, washable clothing.

A great picture idea could be right outside your house. You and your kids can gaze out the window and maybe spot animals, greenery, or droplets that are worthy of a painting. You can even create a contest to see which painting best resembles a single droplet or drooping trees in the backyard. As a final touch, hang the pictures next to a window. The sky often looks beautiful after rainfall, so keep an eye out for a rainbow! Your spectrum of bright paint colors will come in handy. 

A Scavenger Hunt

Although scavenger hunts are often done outdoors, they can be scaled down and brought into the house! Consider hiding your paintings or other belongings, including pillows, books, or decks of cards.

Indoor Activities for Kids

To stick with the theme of a rainy or cold day, you and your kids can hide items like hats and mittens, umbrellas, boots, and even towels. The winner of the hunt gets to pick which snack to make or which movie to watch!

Practice Yoga

In true Pretzel Kids fashion, doing yoga with kids is a an ideal way to get exercise and have fun! Yoga offers health benefits not only for adults, but for kids too! Whether you’re interested in crab or surfer pose, there are plenty of fun and effective yoga poses. Be overly cautious when practicing yoga in a room filled with furniture – poses may require more space!

A day inside also provides the perfect opportunity to take advantage of Pretzel Kids’ online training program. Perhaps your Pretzel Kids training will inspire you to travel to various studios to teach kids yoga!

Sunny Ending to a Dreary Day

indoor activities for kids

With these fun indoor activities, you and your kids can choose different ways to create your own sunshine and make the most out of a dreary day. Whether your family prefers crafting, cooking, scavenger hunts, or kids yoga, you’re bound to remember these fun times spent inside! 

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