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Top Six Mother’s Day Gifts for Yoga Lovers

Updated May 3, 2021

By Robyn Parets, Founder of Pretzel Kids

​With Mother’s Day right around the corner, you may still be trying to figure out what to get your mom or what to tell your family to get for you (husbands never seem to be able to nail the gift-giving thing on their own, right?)

Here at Pretzel Kids yoga, we are big believers in self-care and in gifting experiences instead of material things.

So, we’ve put together a list of our favorite Mother’s Day gifts. Some of them may surprise you, or better yet, give you some awesome gift ideas.

Take a look at our top six Mother’s Day gifts:

Top Six Mother's Day Gifts for Yoga Lovers

1. A day to do whatever you want

That’s right. Instead of planning a typical Mother’s Day brunch at an overpriced restaurant, ask your partner to step in and take over kid duty for the entire day. Then, get together with your girlfriends for a girl’s only day on the town. Go for a hike or go get mani/pedis. It’s your day. Live it up!

2. Surprise, surprise

Moms tend to do all the planning, right? In fact, we often are the ones making the plans for our own Mother’s Day. But what if you simply asked your spouse or father or even older children to handle the planning for you? For just one day. Wouldn’t that be amazing? This Mother’s Day, priortitize your self-care and ask your family to take care of everything and simply surprise you (as long as the festivities are not at your house as you certainly don’t need the added stress of cleaning up!) All you have to do is hop in the car and be whisked off!

3. Pamper plus

Do you long for a bit of R&R? We all do! Why not drop some hints for the perfect self-care gift: a spa day or even an overnight retreat! This way you – or your favorite mom – can escape the chaos of everyday life and enjoy pampered time. 

4. Yoga classes

What mom doesn’t love yoga and practicing fun yoga poses? But, we get it: Escaping to a weekly yoga class isn’t as easy as it sounds. So, this Mother’s Day, it’s your job to step up to the plate and let your family know that you’d like a class pass at a local yoga studio. We recommend supporting small studios in your own neighborhood or supporting yoga teachers offering classes online. Find a studio that looks appealing to you and ask for what you deserve.

5. Perk up with coffee!

Here are Pretzel Kids yoga, we love supporting other small businesses. This includes local coffee houses. We also believe good coffee is an “experience.” Most local coffee shops sell fresh ground coffee – both in the stores and online – so that you can brew a perfect cup at home. We personally love Recreo Coffee, which harvests its own coffee beans on the owners’ family plantation in Nicaragua.

6. Go back to school

Ok, let’s be real here: online courses are among our favorite gifts for all the mothers on our gift-giving list! Why? Because continuing education is as important for moms as it is for children. Learning keeps you on our toes and gives you the opportunity to share new skills. Not only that but your new-found skillset may lead to extra income. What’s not to like about that? So, this Mother’s Day, find an online course that you can enroll in starting immediately.

And, while you’re looking for new learning opportunities, perhaps you’ll decide to become a yoga teacher. This way you can can start a side hustle teaching yoga, while acquiring new skills.

It’s Your Day!

Remember: Mother’s Day is about YOU and the mothers in your life. So, make sure you celebrate in style. You deserve it.

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Pretzel Kids!

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