Top Ten Affordable Spring Activities for Kids

Updated: April 13, 2024

By Kim Galeta, contributing writer

It’s springtime! We know that it may still be cold in some parts of the country. But, warmer weather is coming and it’s time for outdoor activities with the kids!

And, boy have we got some fun, affordable spring activities for kids for you – everything from nature walks to spring yoga poses and activities for kids to planting a garden. Are you ready to get active and have a blast? Check out our top 10 kid-friendly springtime activities and enjoy the season!  

Top Ten Affordable Spring Activities For Kids by Pretzel Kids

10 Affordable Spring Activities for kids

1. get Moving

As the weather warms up, consider taking the kids outdoors for a hike or a swim (if you have access to a free community pool or nearby body of water). Also, depending on the age of your kids, bike rides make for great family-friendly activities.

2. volunteer your time

When it comes to spring activities, you don’t always have to shell out cash donations to give back. In fact, one of the most valuable things you can do is donate your time. Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to emerge from your hibernation and seek out volunteer opportunities for the whole family. For example, why not check out your town’s Salvation Army, church or library to see if they are in need of volunteers? Volunteering is a great way to teach kids the concept of helping others in need.

3. relax

Raising and teaching yoga to kids can be exhausting. So, for all the moms and yoga teachers out there: this one’s for you! As the weather gets nicer, this is the perfect opportunity to practice self-care activities that don’t cost a thing. Every day, pencil in a few minutes to listen to the birds singing, enjoy the rain or take in the beautiful spring blooms. You can even go for a walk in a local park or discover nearby hiking trails. These self-care activities are simple but may help relieve stress and boost your mood.

4. enjoy nature

Piggybacking off the last point, springtime is a perfect time to do something that involves nature. For the past few years, my husband and I have really enjoyed building a vegetable garden. It costs us around $50 (dirt, fertilizer and seeds.) This is relatively inexpensive for several months’ worth of fresh, delicious tomatoes, zucchini, kale, peppers and cucumbers! This is also an excellent way to save money on groceries and teach your kids about the importance of eating home-grown veggies. 

5. play board games

Unfortunately, not all days are nice enough to spend outdoors. With this in mind, you’ll need a few ideas to occupy your time when you’re stuck indoors on a rainy day. My favorite tip is to play educational board games, like Monopoly. And, there’s always spring kids yoga poses, which you can do ANYWHERE!

6. visit a farm or petting zoom

Visiting a zoo or an aquarium can get pricey. However, many local farms offer free tours and other activities that you can enjoy while the weather is nice. For example, I live pretty close to Pennsylvania and found a nearby petting zoo that offers free admission. That’s hard to beat!

7. take in free festivals

Start visiting your city’s website and follow your local municipality on social media to learn about free events such as festivals, outdoor concerts and museums. This also offers an excellent opportunity to meet other families if you’re new to town. 

8. explore your city

Alli Rosenblum‎ from FinancialliFocused says one of her favorite low cost things to do in the spring is to play tourist in her own city. She says this is a great time to “learn the history of your city/state or even check out some local artists.” Rosenblum suggests starting with your city’s free visitor’s guide. Why? Even though you’re a local, you may find a treasure trove of budget-friendly ideas that are new to you.  

9. take up kite flying

I’ll be honest: it’s been many years since I even thought about flying a kite. But a friend recently let me know that this activity is high on her spring to-do list. She even plans to make her own kite from scratch so that this outdoor activity is even more affordable. 

10. yoga for kids

You knew this was coming! Well, we’re not shy about it: We love yoga and what better way to have fun with the kids outdoors? So, find a backyard or park. Pick your favorite children’s yoga poses or Pretzel Kids yoga game, and have a blast! Got lots of kids with you? Try these fab yoga games for large groups of kids! Your kids (and the whole neighborhood!) will thank you. 

And, one more thing: Check out this fun video with our favorite spring yoga sequence for kids: Seed to Tree!

Are you ready to enjoy spring Activities for kids?

spring activities for kids

Whatever activities you decide to do this season, we recommend just getting out there and trying out spring activities for kids. And if you’re at a loss for ideas, just be sure to refer back to this list!

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