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Uncover 7 Ways to Earn Money Teaching Yoga for Kids

And We’ll Let You in On a Secret: This List Doesn’t Include Yoga Studios!

Updated: September 29, 2022

By Robyn Parets, Founder of Pretzel Kids

Are you a yoga teacher? Perhaps you’re a mom, caretaker, fitness enthusiast, educator, college student or side hustler?

Regardless of your current career or skills, if you love yoga or wellness, you should consider teaching yoga to kids and teens! Why? Because yoga for children is in HIGH demand right now, and what’s better than doing something you love while helping kids cope with anxiety, relax and get fit? 

And guess what? There are loads of untapped opportunities to create sustainable income teaching yoga for children – many of these you may have never thought about before.

Are you ready to learn more? We thought so! We’ve uncovered 7 ways to earn money teaching yoga for kids. Read on to find out more about where YOU can teach youth yoga, and start making more money today! ?

Earn Money Teaching Yoga for Kids

1. Teach Yoga to kids at Dance Schools

Do you want to earn money teaching yoga to kids? That’s why you’re reading this, right? In that case, you should definitely consider hitting up local dance studios in your area!

Why? Because children are already taking classes at dance schools and looking to become more flexible. Here’s where you step in and become a yoga teacher for kids in your own hometown. 

As kids begin to get serious about their dance training, adding yoga will allow them to improve their range of movement. Many yoga poses – like dancer, tree and warrior 2 – help develop the strength and balance that dancers need. Besides, dancers tend to over-stretch their muscles, which makes them more prone to injuries. Yoga, on the other hand, helps dance students learn how to focus, build strength and develop balance. 

Keep in mind that yoga is beneficial to all kids, not just serious dance students. And, by offering yoga at dance studios, you’ll provide the studio owner with another offering to grow their business! 

Perhaps one of the best ways to introduce yoga to a dance studio’s customer base is to host yoga birthday parties. From there, you can try offering yoga sessions. Who knows? Perhaps the dance students, their siblings and new children will join your class! 

2. Teach Yoga at Gymnastics Centers

Just like dance studios, gymnastics centers already have a customer base of students and their parents. 

And, like dancers, gymnasts, their siblings and ALL children can really benefit from yoga! You can also benefit from teaching yoga for kids in a new environment or space. 

Chances are, there are several gymnastics academies, schools and gyms right in your area or hometown. You can even offer yoga birthday parties there too! 

3. Introduce Yoga at Summer Camps or School Vacation Camps 

Summer camps, as well as school vacation camps, are a great place to introduce children’s yoga classes. Indeed, yoga offers yet another fun activity to help restless campers settle into the rest of their day or prepare for more active sports.

Plus, camp directors are always looking for new activities and ways to keep the kids moving and engaged. That’s where YOU come in!

4. Teach yoga in Preschools and Daycare Centers

We think this just might be the BEST place to teach yoga for kids. Besides starting kids at a young age, preschools and daycare are generally open to running yoga classes. 

Of course, you’ll need to promote yourself as a yoga instructor and show that you’ve got the skills needed to teach children ages 18 months to five years old. If you are a yoga teacher and feel like you can use more training to run classes in preschools and daycares, check out this primer on How to Teach Yoga for Preschoolers. 

5. Bring Yoga to After-School or Before Care Programs

Many elementary schools offer onsite after-school programs. Still other towns and municipalities run similar after-school enrichment programs offering a myriad of activities, including yoga! This is your chance to SHINE!

6. Teach for Homeschool Groups and Pods

During the pandemic, many parents enrolled their children in learning via pods. Likewise, homeschooling is a growing trend. Why not create a niche servicing groups of children in your community or online? This is an untapped opportunity – it’s your time to become an instructor for homeschooled children!

7. Lead Yoga Birthday Parties

Kids’ birthday parties are a money-maker. Period. Parents want to make their kids happy and are always looking for creative birthday party ideas. Here’s where you step in! 

Want some ideas for how to host and run the BEST kids yoga parties. Learn how to throw a kids’ yoga party here.

Are You Ready to Start Teaching Yoga for Kids Professionally and earn money teaching yoga for kids? 

There you have it: 7 ways to earn money teaching yoga for kids! Now it’s time for YOU to get creative and map out your success strategy. We know you can do this. And, if you need support and help, Pretzel Kids is here to help you every step of the way! 

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Robyn Parets is the founder of Pretzel Kids.

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