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Why Now is the Best Time to Become a Kids Yoga Teacher

By Ana Garcia

Have you noticed how popular yoga has become lately? 

These days, you can hardly glance at your social media feeds or walk down the street without seeing something yoga-related along the way! Indeed, online yoga is trending like never before, and this means that yoga teachers are looking for ways to set themselves apart from the crowd.

Choosing the right yoga niche is key to success. Perhaps you should consider teaching kids yoga? Working with children is a fun and exciting job that can be either a full-time gig or side hustle. 

Find out why now is the best time to become a kids yoga teacher.

Teaching kids yoga is a great way to deepen your own practice

If you already have some experience with yoga, you have a good excuse to amp up your own yoga practice while changing children’s lives through mindful movement. Plus, you don’t have to be an accomplished and devoted yogi to teach kids yoga – as long as you’ve got the basics down. You can even become a kids yoga instructor in 12 hours or less with the Pretzel Kids Method! While you’re at it, you can add to your knowledge base by enrolling in other online mini-courses like Teaching Teen/Tween Yoga or How to Teach Mindfulness to Kids. You’ll be running well-planned kids yoga classes in no time!

High demand makes for financial success

Teaching kids yoga is a fantastic side hustle, and it’s perfect for anyone who might have been upended by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, with more and more people losing their jobs and income, they are turning to their savings. Over time, that’ll run dry. So, why not become a kids yoga teacher and start a side gig teaching children’s yoga classes? Here’s a pro tip if you want to maximize your income: If you choose the online kids yoga teacher training, you can even get the support and guidance you need to start your own lucrative business!

It’s personally rewarding

Helping kids adopt a healthy and mindful lifestyle can be extremely fulfilling, especially if you have little ones of your own. Leading a yoga class full of toddlers, kids or teenagers is a joy that few others get to experience. Just think – how amazing would it be to see young minds and hearts open up to learning new things simply through the calming practices of yoga?

The benefits of yoga for kids include everything from increased attention span and decreased stress to better circulation and boosted confidence. And let’s not forget that practicing yoga means young students will get moving, perhaps helping to decrease the chance of developing obesity during childhood and later in life. Mindfulness and other strategies derived from yoga can also help kids manage stress, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, when anxiety and other mental health issues are more common than ever. Even schools and daycares are catching on to the advantages of kids yoga. Lastly, Pretzel Kids will help you run online or pop-up pod classes so you can start teaching right away. 

Access the Pretzel Kids support network

If you become a licensed member of the Pretzel Kids teaching network, you will get resources and tools to set your classes and business up for success. For example, if you’re a Pretzel Kids teacher, you’ll get access to useful teaching, branding and marketing resources. You’ll also get professional guidance from our founder, a welcoming community of fellow teachers, the use of our web platform for direct class enrollments, and much more. 

And, if you’re an absolute beginner and aren’t sure how to launch your business or market your classes, Pretzel Kids will help you grow your classes and increase your enrollments through our membership program. Soon, you’ll be on your way to running in-demand Pretzel Kids yoga classes in your own community or online!

It’s easy to become a kid’s yoga teacher, especially online!

You might think there are many details to consider before becoming a kids yoga instructor, but you’ll be pleased to know that it’s actually simpler than it looks! Before you start, make sure you narrow down how many hours you’re willing to dedicate to your training and what you want your target audience to be. Then, just choose the training course that lines up best with your goals. 

Here are some things to consider: Are you stuck inside during quarantine with lots of time on your hands? Maybe taking a certification course online is the best path for you. Do you want to wait to take a course in-person? Once it’s safe, options for live classes will open up, too! But here’s a pro tip: With no prerequisites, minimal time commitment, and a unique online method program designed to help you succeed, the Pretzel Kids Method will give you the most bang for your buck.

What are you waiting for?

You know all too well that kids yoga is having its moment in the sun right now – why not take advantage of it? 

Not only are parents and teachers beginning to accept yoga as an important tool for child development and a great way to help kids relieve stress and anxiety, but the coronavirus pandemic has reminded us all that even the most stable jobs can wobble. For these reasons, a side hustle is a wise idea! With a side gig, like teaching kids yoga, you can set your own schedule, help children get fit, and earn some extra cash.

And here’s one more piece of advice: If you want to complete  an online kids yoga certification in just 12 hours, why not take the shortest path to success?  

We can’t wait for you to get started – and neither can the kids! 

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