How Yoga Can Help You Achieve New Year’s Resolutions

Updated: January 4, 2023

With every new year, we strive to do things that we didn’t get to do in the past. 

Whether it’s something like achieving financial stability, traveling to a different country, or learning how to become a kids teacher, we all love to set goals for the upcoming year. 

And while it sounds easy to do, you can probably remember struggling with New Year’s resolutions in the past. Right?

So where does yoga come into play? Well, many aspects of yoga can help you stay focused on achieving your goals this year. Today, let’s talk about how yoga can help you achieve New Year’s resolutions.

achieve new year’s resolutions

1. Yoga can be used to gain muscle strength

A lot of people have “losing weight” on their New Year resolution list. That is something we all want to do – stay healthy so we can be more productive in life. 

Yet, health is not just about losing a ton of weight in the span of a few weeks or months. 

More importantly, yoga can help you strengthen your body. In fact, while yoga isn’t the only workout to help build muscular strength, it will help you feel better in your own skin.  

2. Use yoga to help you deal with stress

As we said before, it’s not an easy task to focus on sticking to your New Year’s resolutions , especially with the daily stress of life. Oftentimes, you’ll feel become irritated and want to give up. 

Working out, in general, can prove to be a great distraction from the negativity rising around you. And, yoga allows you calm down instead of focusing on the things that make you angry and frustrated. 

While entering your fitness space, leave everything else outside the door, including your negative thoughts. Allow yourself to focus within. When you begin your yoga practice, listen to your body and be fully present. This will help calm your nerves and ease your anxiety. 

3. During your yoga Practice, think about goals that give you joy 

You can only succeed in completing a goal if you know what makes you happy.

So, when you are doing some breathing exercises, think about what brings you joy. Write down the words that come to your mind once you connect to your soul. 

This will make it easier for you to create the best New Year’s resolutions. Remember: your goals can change with time but your New Year’s resolution list has to include something worth the effort and time.

4. Yoga helps you achieve new year’s Resolutions

A word that you will often hear in the yogic community is “tapas”. You cannot complete a goal unless you put in the effort.

Yoga and mindfulness teach you to accept hurdles in your path and concentrate on your end goal: achieving acceptance and inner peace. This is hard work. So, try out some things that will help you commit to the goals you set for yourself.  

5. You’ll learn to keep practicing and forgive yourself

Practicing something until it’s imprinted in your brain can be extremely difficult. You are bound to feel negativity during the process of trying to keep up with your goals. 

In those moments, it’s necessary to forgive yourself rather than sinking into self-guilt. 

When you don’t succeed, take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back for doing a good job. Then the next day, once again start working hard to achieve new year’s resolutions. 

6. You don’t need to be rich to practice yoga

Another famous New Year’s resolution that people make is to save money. And, yes, being financially stable can make it easier for you to achieve things in life. 

Yet, you don’t need a ton of cash to make yoga a part of your current lifestyle! There are no standards for clothing and you can even do yoga in your pajamas. Better yet, you can achieve your fitness goals by doing yoga and you certainly don’t have to be a fitness guru.

And just think: you can kill two birds with one stone – do yoga to stay fit and also save money this year! 

7. Yoga will keep you motivated

A yogic lifestyle can help you achieve a healthy way of life. And this motivation will help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions. In fact, yoga allows you to envision your dream becoming a reality so you can draw strength from that vision. 

achieve new year’s resolutions

Whether you write your goals on a piece of paper and stick it somewhere or repeat a motivational mantra in your head each morning, keep envisioning what you want. 

Also, during your yoga practice, you can focus on your plan of action. 

Are you ready for your yoga practice to help you achieve new year’s Resolutions?

We hope that this guide helps you understand 7 ways yoga can help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions. 

Remember that it’s important to go easy on yourself, stay focused, practice mindfulness, and set reasonable goals.

One more final pro tip: Practice yoga in your free time and use these yogic lifestyle tips to stay on track. This way you’ll be more apt to succeed in achieving your New Year’s resolutions. Are you ready to give yoga a try?

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