11 Random Acts of Kindness Day Ideas for Kids

A simple act of kindness can change the life of another person. So, why not show your kids how to make an impact by taking part in Random Acts of Kindness day, celebrated on February 17th every year. 

You don’t have to wait for this special day to partake in random acts of kindness, either! These ideas to help you celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day with kids can be used to spread joy all year round in your community. 

Just think: If each of us does our part to spread joy, then the world will surely start to become a more joyous place for everyone. 

Now, here’s why you’re reading this…check out 11 Random Acts of Kindness Day ideas for kids.

random acts of kindness day ideas for kids

1. Make Cookies and Treats

You can make cookies, treats or even healthy snacks with your children to give to the people they see on their way to school, at work, etc. They are sure to brighten someone’s day!

2. Do Laundry for Someone

Many people find laundry a mundane task that they must do for themselves and their families. Why not help out someone who could use a hand, by doing their laundry for them?

3. Deliver a Meal 

Cook up one of your child’s favorite recipes, then deliver it to an elderly neighbor or friend. You can also do this for people you see working in the yard or around your neighborhood. 

4. Bank With Kids

Take a trip to the bank with your children and open a savings account for them. Talk to them about how they can save up their allowance or money they earn from chores to make bigger purchases later on in life. 

5. Give Away Printable Activity Packs for Kids

The best thing about printable activities is that you can simply email these to someone to brighten their day. Printables for kids provide loads of fun and besides, they don’t involve screen time! While some printables are free, others will cost a small amount of money. For example, you can check out the Pretzel Kids Etsy store for lots of cool ideas and printables, including Animal Yoga Pose Cards and Mindfulness Activities, Winter Fun Activities, and Recycling Activities. 

6. Offer a Free Kids Yoga Class

You don’t have to be a kids yoga teacher to gather some neighborhood kids and lead a fun kids yoga class! You can get together and take an online kids yoga class, watch a YouTube video, like this winter-themed kids yoga class from Pretzel Kids, or even use some yoga pose cards like these Animal Pose cards! 

Whatever you do, make it fun. The kids will love moving around, creating yoga shapes and laughing! (but, if you really want to become a yoga teacher for kids, check out this online kids yoga teacher training course!) 

7. Get Some Postcards

Grab some postcards, address them to family members and friends, tell your child to write a short message on the back, then mail them on their way. This is a great activity if you feel that your kids are too young for some of the more time-consuming activities listed. 

8. Start a Collection

Many people begin collections as a hobby, but if your kids are old enough to start collecting items, have them gather up things they find on their way home from school or on a walk around the neighborhood. Collecting recyclable cans or bottles can be rewarding for everyone involved!

9. Write a Letter to Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy

If you’ve got young kids and celebrate Christmas, grab out some stationary and have the kids write letters to Santa Claus. Likewise, you can have the kids write letters ahead of time to the tooth fairy. Explain that this way, they’ve got their letter already written to put under their pillow when the time comes.  

10. Bring Some Flowers to Work

Bring some flowers from home or stop by the local florist and pick up a bouquet for someone who may need them more than you do. You can also do this for someone who may have been having a bad day. 

11. Pay for Someone’s Coffee

Adults often grab a cup of coffee on their way to work, but if you see someone in the same situation as your child just learning how to count out change, pay for their coffee! You can also pay for coffee for the person next to you in line at the local coffee shop.

Do Something Nice! 

Now that you have read these ideas for Random Acts of Kindness Day with kids, do any of them pique your interest? Do you think you’ll try one out this year? Whatever you do, make this day fun and try to spread kindness every day of the year! 

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