Best children’s Spanish books

By Alejandra Tejada, Founder of Enlingos

Families are spending a lot more time together these days.

From cooking to yoga poses for kids, parents have found lots of new ways to connect with their kids. 

Besides yoga, reading is one of our favorite family activities – it  offers a wonderful way to connect with our kids and the world around us! In our family, Spanish books are an important way to expose our kids to different cultures and ways of thinking, but most importantly a different language. 

Over 13% of the US population speaks Spanish at home and the demand for high-quality Spanish books is growing for many American families. Because we know that finding the right books can be a challenge for even the most seasoned parent, we’ve compiled a list with the best children’s Spanish books. And no surprise, this includes yoga books in Spanish for kids! Scroll down to see our top picks across a few categories.

Best Books for Babies and Toddlers

Singing – Cantando De Colores

Any parent who grew up singing the traditional Spanish song De colores will love the pairing of this wonderful book and lyrics with beautiful imagery by Patty Rodriguez. Taking note from the beloved song, the book promotes life, culture, and happiness in its pages and is a joy to share with children young and old. Read it to your child or sing along with the music and it will create such loving memories for your toddlers. 


For a more tactical and sensory experience, you can’t go wrong with the Toca series of books.The Juega-libro in particular offers a tactile experience with the vocabulary terms to match. Little fingers will enjoy interacting with any of the Toca books!

 ¡Me gusta cómo soy!

This book may be little, but it carries a big message for children from all different backgrounds. A little girl has learned to love herself just as she is no matter how she looks on the outside. With fun and easy rhymes, it’s a lesson that both children and parents can appreciate —  and it comes in both English and Spanish.

Spot va a la escuela

Sometimes it’s hard making new friends, but it gets easier when you have a beloved character showing you the way. A translation of the popular Spot series, Spot va a la escuela is equally captivating for kids in both English and Spanish. 

El monstruo de colores

Emotions are so big and sometimes it’s hard to identify how they make you feel. That’s why we recommend El monstruo de colores. In this creative tale, a girl navigates  her many, many emotions with the help of a monster and some eye-popping illustrations. 

Best Books for Pre-K and K Children

Buenas noches, construcción. Buenas noches, diversión

An all-time classic (Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site) now comes in Spanish. The words and rhymes in this book hold the same magic in Spanish as they do in English. Little kids will be excited to say goodnight to their favorite construction vehicles in a playful way.

Cuando sea mayor seré…

What do you want to be when you grow up? This book is a great introduction to the different careers that exist and kids will recognize many of the professions from their everyday lives while learning some new ones.. From a musician to a laboratory specialist, the flaps in the book make it fun to discover what life is like in each role.

¡Si no comí nada!

What happens when the big bad wolf in fairy tales sees the doctor with a stomach ache? In this fun and imaginative story, revisit all the characters that the wolf has, umm….. eaten. It’s a modern spin on old classics that will bring surprise and laughter.

La otra orilla

Considered a classic by many, La otra orilla teaches children that while some people may be different, we are all in many ways the same. Told from the perspective of a girl living on one side of the river, the friendship she makes on the other side provides a bridge for two families and cultures. This one is a beautiful tale and story that resonates in today’s time.

Perdido y encontrado

A story of feelings, friendship, and adventure, in Perdido y encontrado a boy helps his penguin friend find his way home, and that eventually ends up with them together. It addresses loneliness and the value of friendship to get through the hard times.

We Can’t Forget About Yoga Books for Kids!

We love that yoga has so many benefits for kids – besides the physical activity! So, we also want to share with you some bonus children’s yoga books in Spanish that will help kids practice Spanish while practicing yoga:

Must-have Spanish Language Yoga Books:

Final Footnote

We hope you find some wonderful new Spanish language books to read with your children. We find that both reading and active exercise like yoga poses for children can create a positive impact on kids and the entire family. We hope you enjoy our selection of reading recommendations!

About Alejandra: Alejandra Tejada is the founder of Enlingos. After spending eight plus years in product development and digital consumer research, she left a startup incubator at a Fortune 100 company to start Enlingos, pursuing her passion for books, children and travel. Alejandra has a BA from the University of San Diego and an MBA from IESE Business School in Barcelona.

About Enlingos: Enlingos is a try-before-you-buy Spanish-language book service for kids 0-6 years old. Enlingos offers families a wide selection of Spanish-language books each month personalized to the age, interests, needs of the child. Books are sourced from different countries and highlight Spanish only books, bilingual books and books from authentic Spanish authors.

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