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Take the Pretzel Kids Online Course. It’s Better Than Our Live Training!

It’s true: Some of our teachers say that they enjoyed the Pretzel Kids online certification course better than comparable “live” yoga trainings – even our own! 

To find out what sets the online Pretzel Kids yoga certification course apart, we reached out to Ashley, who recently completed the Pretzel Kids online course. Ashley also took our live Pretzel Kids weekend training two years ago. She was looking for a refresher course and ended with much more than she bargained for!

Q: What did you think about the brand new online Pretzel Kids course?

A: The online course is great! I’m a visual learner and in the live course, it was hard for me to take notes while also focusing on the teacher and the other students. But, in the online course, I watched the videos and printed out the materials to have them right in front of me. I watched the videos while looking at the manual and hand-outs. I also gained insight from the other students in the online class and could clearly see when they were taking notes. This made me think, “Yeah, this might be important.” I could even go back and review a section anytime I wanted to. 

Q: Can you name some other benefits of the online kids yoga teacher training course?

A: Sure! The online yoga teacher training course is concise, yet covers all the important aspects of the training. It’s easy to follow and I love that everything is organized and laid out clearly for students, especially first-timers.

I also felt part of the class, even though it was on film and I wasn’t actually in the room. One of the best things is that everything is right at your fingertips and you have the ability to replay segments that may be confusing. If you lose concentration, you can pause and come back to the lesson at any point without distracting other learners. 

Another big plus: This course breaks down traditional yoga styles in a “kid” friendly way. There is a great deal of creativity in the program, which helps keep young minds engaged. Showing various ways to keep children focused and centered, based on behaviors, is extremely helpful! 

Q: What was your favorite thing about the Pretzel Kids yoga teacher training course? 

A: I love that you can go back and review at any time! And students have access to the course materials forever. In the live training, the weekend was full of valuable information and you left with whatever you remembered plus your notes. With the online course, you don’t have to take fast and furious notes as you can simply review or watch a module again.

Just this morning, I went back onto the training site to review a module. This is such a great benefit that you can’t get in a live course. I love having access to the program at any time.

To learn more about the Pretzel Kids yoga online certification course, click here!

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