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Pretzel Kids June Teacher Feature: Meet Becky!

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Meet Becky Ebling, our June featured teacher!

Becky was one of our very first teachers and has been teaching Pretzel Kids yoga classes for several years now. She is a wonderful ambassador for our brand and the Pretzel Kids yoga teacher training. We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Becky and discuss the Pretzel Kids yoga program and her success teaching Pretzel Kids classes. We’re sure you’ll enjoy learning about Becky!   

Pretzel Kids: How has being a Pretzel Kids featured teacher helped you grow your business?

Becky: The social media and marketing support I get from Pretzel Kids via the website, Facebook and other social media and marketing channels has been influential in spreading the word about my business and classes. Being a featured teacher on the website also gives me credibility and helps me land yoga teaching jobs. Robyn, the founder of Pretzel Kids, has been very helpful with helping me grow my business. She has even helped me develop my marketing skills!  

Pretzel Kids: What is your background in yoga and fitness? How long have you been teaching and practicing yoga?

Becky: I received my personal training certification and Pretzel Kids Teacher certification in 2010 and have been working with youth yoga and fitness on and off for 7 years in after-school settings, yoga studios and pre-K classrooms. I started practicing yoga to relieve lower back pain and took the Pretzel Kids training a few years later. 

Pretzel Kids: Tell me one fun fact about you.

Becky: I secretly want to be a background dancer! Dancing makes me feel free and alive.  

Pretzel Kids: What do you like to do in your spare time?

  Becky: In my spare time I enjoy reading, spending time with family (especially my 4-year-old niece), spending time with my dog Xena, cooking, road-trips with friends and smiling/laughing!

Pretzel Kids: What drew you to the Pretzel Kids yoga teacher training course

Becky: I was drawn to the course as I was working with youth in the after-school setting and saw a need and interest in helping children lead healthy lifestyles. I then went to school for personal training and nutrition consulting and thought youth yoga would be a fun way to incorporate fitness and wellness into a healthy lifestyle.  

Pretzel Kids: What is your favorite thing about the course?  

Becky: My favorite thing about the course structure is the fun game-based play that allows children to go through a journey while learning great skills and using their bodies physically – without realizing they are exercising.  

Pretzel Kids: You were indeed one of the first PK certified teachers and became a teacher before the online course was available. How do you think the availability of the course online helps those seeking to become a Pretzel Kids teacher? 

Becky: I feel honored to be one of the first PK certified teachers!  I think the online course is perfect for people who have busy schedules as they can take the course from anywhere in the world.  Pretzel Kids is helping to spread the joy and love of yoga throughout the world.

Pretzel Kids: Where do you live and where are you teaching PK yoga in your community?

Becky: I live in Central New York and have taught classes throughout the Mohawk Valley for four years. I also taught for three years before that in Boston. I currently am teaching classes at Evergreen Yoga Studio in Richfield Springs and through Mohawk Valley Community Action Agency. I have taught in 10 different Head Start and pre-K classes in the Utica and Rome locations.  

Pretzel Kids: ​Do you feel you are making a positive impact with the Pretzel Kids curriculum? 

Becky: Yes! I feel that I am spreading the joy and love of yoga and physical movement through play and laughter. I believe that introducing yoga, even if just one class, will help promote alternative ways to stay healthy, fit and peaceful. This is important for the youth of our future, especially in this stressful world.  

Pretzel Kids: Would you recommend this yoga teacher training program to friends, moms, childcare providers and yoga teachers? Why? 

Becky: Yes! I have recommended the course to many people that I know! I think yoga should be available to all ages and abilities. The Pretzel Kids curriculum makes it easy for anyone to start teaching kids yoga immediately.

Pretzel Kids: What’s your favorite Pretzel Kids pose? What’s your favorite Pretzel Kids game? 

Becky: My favorite pose is Elephant and my favorite game is Wood Chopper. 

Pretzel Kids: Just for fun, what’s your favorite food?

Becky: Guacamole!

If you’re interested in teaching kids yoga classes like Becky, learn how you can become a kids yoga teacher here!

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