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How to Teach Yoga on Zoom in 10 Minutes

Due to the pandemic hovering over the entire world, social and emotional learning has become more necessary now than ever before. As a result, more and more parents recognize the importance of yoga for kids.

In addition, as more kids have become accustomed to remote learning, parents are also enrolling their children in classes on Zoom. 

The goal when teaching online yoga classes is no different than in-person classes: to help children strengthen their bodies with fun yoga poses and games, boost their creativity, improve their focus and concentration, and teach them breathing exercises. Some other benefits of yoga include: improved flexibility, coordination and overall well-being. 

Indeed, yoga poses help reduce stress for remote learners, and even short 10-minute online classes over Zoom can help children cope with anxiety. 

Read on for some great general teaching ideas, as well as tips on how to teach yoga on Zoom in 10 minutes!

But, first things first.

Here are some of the main benefits of yoga 

Teaching Yoga on Zoom 

Before jumping in with tips on how to teach yoga online, the first step is to have a proper class lesson.

Next, it’s important to keep the kids engaged even when your class on the Zoom app is only ten minutes long. 

So, let’s start with a review of some yoga activities that you can teach kids on Zoom. This way, your yoga classes will be more interactive and engaging for kids. 

Some practical activities you can do during your ten minute Zoom yoga sessions:

1. Start with breathing exercises

Breathing exercises are a big part of yoga. And, while these can be done quickly, the benefits are endless. Thus, it’s important to make breathing exercises a part of your yoga classes on Zoom. 

Kids can easily follow your instructions and mirror you while practicing breathing techniques. Breathing exercises also help them warm up at the start of the yoga session and get into the mood to meditate. 

2. Read a short yoga book and practice kids yoga poses as you go

When you are doing yoga online with kids, it’s important to find ways to keep them interested. 

If you are tired of teaching the same yoga poses for kids all the time, reading a great book is another way to make the class entertaining. You can even tell your students about the book a week ahead of time so that they can read it on their own and select their favorite pose to do during your yoga class on Zoom.

Looking for great yoga and mindfulness books to include in your yoga at home classes? Check out the top 9 mindfulness books for kids!

3. Create your own yoga games to play with the children

One of the main goals of a ten minute Zoom yoga session is to make the kids fall in love with yoga and gain as many benefits from it as possible. 

So, don’t be afraid to get creative and come up with your own unique activities. There are many yoga games that you can find online, but at the same time, it can be nice to invent some of your own games. 

Looking for ideas? Check out these great downloadable yoga cards and activities! These games can bring benefits of yoga to kids in a playful way and ensure success on Zoom

4. Ask your students to talk about their favorite positive affirmations 

Yoga is not just about exercise – it’s about finding ways to get in touch with your inner thoughts and develop a positive mindset

So, when you teach yoga at home through an online portal like Zoom, try asking each child to take turns discussing a positive affirmation. Just make sure you keep it fast so your class moves along! 

Top 3 Tips to Make Zoom Yoga Sessions Successful for Children 

1. Make sure you are using the correct equipment 

When it comes to doing anything online, the kind of equipment you use matters. This can ensure better quality throughout the meeting, which is essential. 

To this end, make sure to use a laptop or mobile device with a good quality camera to teach yoga at home. Test all your equipment in advance to avoid any failures during the classes. 

2. Your Internet connection has to be reliable to ensure success during the yoga sessions

Another thing that matters – even more than having the best equipment – is a strong Internet or WiFi connection. 

So, make sure you teach yoga from the area of your house where the Internet connection is reliable – this way you hopefully won’t have any interruptions or outages. Test the connection before the meeting as well and make necessary changes if it’s not working.

3. Plan your class in advance to avoid mistakes 

You have to make the most out of each ten minutes session with your students. So, it’s essential to organize your class lesson plan in advance.

This way you can nail down your timing and come prepared with a yoga activity or game that will be fun for the kids. 

Make the most out of the ten minute Zoom sessions and get kids hooked on yoga!

By now you know that yoga and meditation is an effective tool for helping kids get fit, deal with anxiety, and so much more. So it’s no surprise that parents are trying to find the best yoga classes for their kids

We hope that this article helps you organize your online Zoom yoga class. This way, kids can experience the amazing benefits of yoga at home, while staying engaged online! 

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