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Three Top Places to Teach Kids Yoga

Updated: June 14, 2023

By Sarah Scribner, contributing writer​

By now you may know how important yoga is for children of all ages.

For starters, yoga helps relieve stress and can prove to be a great antidote to daytime fatigue. In addition, yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation improve focus, elevate moods and help build positive self-esteem.

So, it’s no surprise why so many schools are now introducing yoga classes and programs. But, besides the school setting, yoga can be brought into many other locations, including gyms, dance schools, summer camps, recreation centers, and any place where kids congregate.

In fact, whether you’re interested in getting involved with your local yoga studio or want to expand your kids yoga business,  there is no shortage of opportunities in your own community. Take a look at three not-so-obvious places where you can start teaching kids yoga today and make an immediate positive impact. 

where to teach yoga

1. Dance Schools

One of the biggest physical benefits of yoga is improved flexibility. As kids begin to get serious about their dance training, adding yoga to their schedules will allow them to improve their range of movement. Many standing yoga poses – like dancer, tree and warrior 2 –  help develop the strength necessary to perform developpés and battements, as well as various movements with a partner. 

Besides, dancers tend to overstretch their muscles in short periods of time, which makes the body more prone to serious, recurring injuries. Yoga, on the other hand, helps dance students learn how to hold positions for longer periods and hopefully by doing so, they’ll avoid quickly tearing or pulling a muscle. According to The Dance Advantage blog, dancers are encouraged to practice yoga weekly in order to see results and should look at yoga as a fun and beneficial part of their training.

Perhaps one of the best ways to get young dancers involved in yoga is to host birthday parties at dance studios. Getting active and interactive while celebrating birthdays can help kids associate yoga with fun games and activities. This way, they’re more inclined to continue practicing yoga through the years. Here at Pretzel Kids, we offer yoga-themed birthday parties and will travel to your place of business to provide an optimal Pretzel Kids yoga party. 

2. gyms

When thinking about going to the gym, many adults dread hours of cardio on the treadmill and weightlifting in a crowded room. However, Pretzel Kids has some good news for dedicated gym-goers. Why not make the gym your happy place? A place where you can teach kids how to strengthen their bodies and minds. A place where you can teach Pretzel Kids yoga. You heard us. 

Pretzel Kids makes it easy for you to start teaching kids yoga in your hometown gym – right now!  

The online Pretzel Kids yoga teacher certification course allows you to become certified to teach kids yoga from the comfort of your own home. So, perhaps Pretzel Kids will prove to be a great new side hustle for you, or maybe you can use the yoga teacher training to create a brand new kids yoga business . Regardless, you’ll soon be able to approach the owner of your local gym and suggest that you begin teaching a kids yoga class – or two! 

3. Camps

Summer camps, as well as school vacation camps, are a great place to introduce Pretzel Kids yoga classes. Indeed, yoga offers yet another fun activity to help restless campers settle into the rest of their day or prepare for more active sports. Pretzel Kids encourages yoga instructors to teach yoga at summer and school vacation camps, particularly as Pretzel Kids can set the tone for a fun day and even relax kids before they go home at the end of a long day. Do you know a camp counselor or teacher? We highly recommend the online Pretzel Kids yoga teacher training certification course.

Ready, set, Teach!

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One of the best things about teaching kids yoga is that you can pretty much teach anywhere – from a school classroom, to a yoga studio, to under the trees at a playground or summer camp. Are you ready to start teaching kids yoga today?

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